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Amazon Kindle eBook reader has been the best selling tablet after Apple iPad that holds 47% share of market as per the survey conducted by Yankee Group. After dealing with some software and hardware issues, Amazon has managed to be in the queue of top tablets manufacturers. The survey results show that the company is at #2 with 7% market share and leading Samsung by a wafer thin margin of one percent, which is at #3 with 6% of the tablet market. Considering the consistent growth and demand of the e-readers, the company has decided to increase its Kindle offerings by adding more devices in the segment. The Kindle series now has eight different e-readers variants that vary on the basis of price and features.

If we believe on the various reports on the web, then it seems like that Amazon is prepping for three new Kindle Fire release by the end of this shopping season that is sometime near September. The first of these appears to be a replacement of the current entry-level tablet that has a screen resolution of 1024x600p, and is being sold for $159 right now, with a new similar size 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet in series that features a higher resolution of 1280x800p.

Another upcoming tablet is a new version of Kindle Fire HD. The existing 7-inch Fire HD model has a display resolution of 1280x800p, which will be upgraded by a newer version that will have a resolution of 1920x1200p to offer brighter and appealing display in comparison to its predecessor. However, the size of the newer model will remain unchanged as 7-inches.

The third expected model for this year would be a replacement of current Kindle Fire HD 8.9” model. The existing Fire HD 8.9” model has a resolution of 1920x1200p, which is better than traditional full HD (1920x1080p). However, Amazon has planned to upgrade the pixel count of its new model to 2560×1600 which is way beyond than full HD, but lesser than ultra HD!

As far as the pricing is concerned then there is much speculation but no reliable information as yet until Amazon decides to spill the beans. The demand for these upcoming devices would primarily depend on the consumers’ budget and requirements and if history is anything to go by Amazon may have another winner on its hands with this new range. Keep watching this space more for updates on this.



Before even watching the trailer of the 2012 adaptation, I decided to go with Sly Stallone’s 1995 Judge Dredd. And to put it nicely, it was way below the expectations I had from it. The only reason I did this was to avoid disappointment a second time after toiling through the remake of “Total Recall”. But the consistently good reviews were persuasive enough to buy this one through Amazon.

Got the Bluray, popped it in the BD player and switched on my 3D TV to see if it was worth the bucks I had shelled out or just another damp squid. An hour and a half later, and I was still in the spellbinding mode that the constant adrenaline had cast over me! I gladly admit that this one has been one of my better investments till date.


Now to the movie, clichéd setup in a survivor city with Hall of Justice being the only entity working to maintain order in the chaos. Car chase and a routine investigation which goes wrong when Dredd along with a rookie gets stuck in a tower complex to survive the assault of unscrupulous narcotics distribution syndicate.  Now without getting into details, the movie scores where the 1995 version failed. Dredd in this is a ruthless, hard-boiled hunter without being mellow in his approach. The action sequences are fresh and very well-shot and the whole environment lends a noir feeling to the story.

And the most pleasant aspects are definitely the way 3D effects have been used. A couple of scenes where characters are shown under the influence of Slo-Mo (which by the way tends to slow down time to 1% in the inhaler’s brain) as well as the savage shooting and blood spilling that brought out the best of 3D elements within the narration. Personal recommendation from my end as this one’s a must watch for action lovers!

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