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My Love Affair with Oasis

Commuting from home to office and back is a grueling affair in Delhi, especially if you’re reliant on public transport. The never ending bumper to bumper traffic and constant honking makes it travel of the worst kind. I like many other commuters have managed to find a way around that with the help of music. Just plug in your headphones and start your favorite playlist (or FM in some cases) and you are good to go.

Take yesterday for instance. After somehow squeezing myself into the bus and finding a seat, I just opened a random track list in shuffle mode and locked the phone’s keypad to slip it back into my denim pocket. A few peppy numbers like “Pani Da Rang” and “Drops of Jupiter” was followed by “Don’t look back in Anger” by Oasis. It had been just a few hours since I last heard it in office but the beauty of its music never wanes. I guess I was so happy while hearing the track that I hummed along a bit too loud for the co-passenger’s liking. You guys should have seen their faces when I got down; looked like to had encountered an undiscovered nuisance xD

If I am being honest, I laughed to the hilt and even felt nostalgic about it. And that’s because me and Oasis go way back. The first time I heard Oasis was at a college sleep over cum pajama party. A guy friend (who had a crush on me at that time”blush blush”) had made an mp3 CD which I took along. It majorly consisted of Oasis tracks and some other alternative rock bands. With a couple of pegs of vodka down my good self, the player started playing “Champagne Supernova”.

“How many special people change, how many lives are living strange… where were you while we were getting high…..”

That drunken moment was when I knew I had to know more about Oasis and so I did. The thing with Oasis is that I find every track of theirs very unique and that is largely down to the fact that the Manchester based band intrinsically enjoyed writing and compositions. I for one haven’t been able to pin down a top 10 from their albums even though tracks like “Wonderwall”, “Sad Song”, “Gas Panic”. “Don’t look back in Anger” and “Champagne Supernova” are standouts. Now fast forward to the present and after a hilarious bus ride, I quickly climbed to my 3rd floor apartment with a plan of what to do next. Throw the bag, pop open a beer and watch Oasis in concert. I accessed the YouTube app on my LG Smart TV and watched their “Live in concert-Argentina” vid in full HD and 3D thanks to the Resolution Upscaler feature in my 3D TV. Elder people keep echoing the same belief that Western music has changed our generation for the worst or as Noel Gallagher would put it:

“Please don’t put your life in the hands…of a Rock and Roll band…and throw it all way…..”

I think otherwise. Music is as essential a part of our life as breathing is. Why compromise on something which helps you to survive?! The ones reading this are most welcome to share your views on your own musical preferences.


Let me tell you today about my trip to Germany. It took a mere 8 hours for me to reach Berlin via Lufthansa and check in the Grand City Hotel Berlin East (Cut price deal I tell you) and a hot coffee later, I caught up on my sleep for a few hours.

My eyes opened at around 5 in the morning which started with beer. I had heard that Germany was a root land of the finest brewed beer and one sip of Beck’s confirmed that. I was bloody excited to learn that the entry to IFA 2012 would be open from 8 AM. After calling in one of my acquaintances, I reached the venue at Messedamm 22 where my company exec Pass was ready. I spent a couple of hours at the hall near entrance and went through a couple of brochures and some tradeshow magazines.

After a press alert, I found my way to LG’s designated exhibitor hall 11.2 for the first product unveiling. And although I was expecting the LG 4K UD 3D TV, LG vowed the crowd with its latest unveiling the LG Personal Smart TV TM2792. This Smart TV is the latest in line of the LG Cinema 3D range currently on offer and even though it’s the smallest TV at just 27 inches, the latest innovation for the Korean consumer electronics firm is a pint-sized dynamite. The design is familiar with the same narrow bezel IPS frame and ribbon stand which gives the impression that the TV is suspended in mid-air!

Coming to the technical specs, the TV supports full 1920×1080 resolution and is built on LG’s revolutionary flicker-free passive Cinema 3D platform with two 7W speakers for 3D sound zooming. It also has Smart TV functionality along with features like DLNA, Wi Fi and Wi Di. The only thing unknown is the price aspect and we might soon get to know about that with September being touted as its tentative launch month. Also on show was the GS 9366 Side by Side Refrigerator with Eco Door technology in smart brushed steel finish.

Next stop after that was Hall 5.1 which had Samsung Electronics showing off the 75” ES9090 and 65” ES8090 Smart TV’s with unique features like Allshare to enjoy media on the TV and Smart View feature for mobile entertainment. The outer frame consisted of a slim bezel and a very solid profile. The company will also be flaunting its flagship Galaxy S3 in the aftermath of the Samsung-Apple patent dispute with Jelly Bean OS update for it coming soon.

Even though I enjoy writing these little entries, the fact is that there is so much to experience here that I would rather write after I get back to my hotel room. Till then, let me bask in the latest gadgets in this Consumer Electronics Fair and I will get back to you guys in a bit.

Hello folks, Nisha is back again. My pursuit of technology and 3D TV’s is at its peak at the moment and it has got a lot to do on what will transpire this weekend.

Just two days left to the IFA Tradeshow 2012 in Berlin, Germany and this post is a just a pre-cursor to what I feel I can expect there. The major draw is definitely the all-Korean grudge match between LG and Samsung when they go head to head by unveiling their latest range of 3D TV’s. On one hand, we have Samsung’s 75” Smart 3D LED TV with a bezel as thick as a third of an inch and Dual-core powered 240 Hz panel. Its opponent is the massive LG 84” UD 3D TV with Ultra Definition 3D technology and is the world’s first 4K 3D TV.

I would love to experience both these monsters first hand when I reach Berlin in a couple of days and deary me I can’t wait! Samsung’s Smart TV promises to be an enticing option with its 35 million: 1 dynamic ratio and standard Voice and Touch Recognition. The 240 Hz frame is also a big step up in its active 3D format to bring down the issues of crosstalk and allows the unit to have a better refresh rate to avoid image and color distortion. In comparison, LG’s humongous offering is the first of its kind in the 4K TV market which as per the company will provide “The most immersive viewing experience possible”. Its superlative 8 million pixels per frame is four times the standard resolution of the current full HDTV’s along with Resolution Upscaler to view high quality content through portable media.

The most striking difference between the two however, will be the active and passive 3D technology on which Samsung and LG’s TV’s are based respectively. After my love affair with LG LM6700 Smart TV, I personally feel that LG has the edge. And more so with the Smart TV Dashboard promising up to 1400 apps and 3D world features for abundance of 3D content. The finish on both the sets is top notch but await my final verdict after return!

The other two things I eagerly await to see as the LG stall is a sneak peak of the LG Optimus G Smartphone which will have a Quad Core 1.5 GHz processor with 2GB RAM and sports a neat 13 MP Camera. In other words, the most high-end Smartphone one would be able to lay his/her hands on. The second one is the unveiling of their premium IPS monitors which has enabled the LG Cinema 3D range built with LED technology to have the most vivid visuals, wide viewing angles and color wash next to zilch.

That’s all the time I have for now as the check-in process for flight boarding has already started. (Yes, I am at the airport while I write this!) Till then, stay updated and do try and catch a glimpse of IFA 2012 if possible. Hasta luego fellas !!

Since all of you are well aware by now of the cringe-filled nature of mine to always prefer Aamchi Mumbai over India’s very own capital Delhi, my perspective might come across a bit less harsh now. Thought the weather is pretty decent these days but that did not stop me from taking a much needed holiday abroad. My life is already hectic and when I did get some relaxation from my work, I decided to land up at my elder sister’s place at Atlanta, Georgia to blow off some steam from my daily routine. Even my Boss didn’t object one bit on the 15 day leave I had taken so that was a plus.

The cultural amalgamation that has overseen the population in US is praiseworthy to say the very least. The locals are very welcoming and helpful at least when you have come as a tourist to the States! My sis picked me up from the Airport and within a couple of hours, I was at her place. Her apartment gave the all-too-familiar feeling you get while you see those cottage-shaped houses you see in the Hollywood movies. I was eager to meet up with my little nephew as well and boy is the kid American. Not a hint of the fact that he was actually Indian as his accent suggested otherwise.

Anyways, before she could ask anything I decided to flaunt my latest baby and popped out my new LG Optimus 3D Smartphone  to which she gave a sneaky smile. I was bit taken aback as I was expecting the jaw-drop reaction. But I had forgotten that US mobile technology is pretty advanced with all the major brands launching their handsets there. Sure enough, I ended up giving the same jaw-dropping reaction after I laid my hands on her LG Optimus LTE2.. By God are we behind as LTE (or Long Term Evolution) due to the poor show of 3G in India. I am no gadget Guru but trust me, I have used most of the high-end handsets money can buy in India and they all fell pale in comparison to this LG Smartphone with Verizon network. The looks are appealing enough but the 4G network speed is pretty much comparable to that of an office lease line. And I saw this wonderful & humorous clip on the YouTube about it.

I also loved the fact that GPS and other features of the phone were actually fully utilized because of the service provider capabilities. Before I knew, I ended up watching my favorite DDLJ on YouTube without any buffering delays. The day had ended with me draining out her cell phone’s battery and at 5 in the evening, I finally got to meet my sweet Jiju ! Mu sister’s little gadget kept me in awe all along with its navigational capabilities and excellent response time. And with the Jelly Bean update upcoming, her phone is the envy of tech-loving people like me.

After returning to India, I decided to do a little research of my own and my awe didn’t reduce one bit. With the specs provided, this would be the perfect companion to migrate and enjoy media on my LG 42” Cinema 3D TV. With over 5 million handsets already sold worldwide, the fad of this next generation Smartphone will grip India sooner rather than later. And trust me; I will be one of the first ones in the queue!

Alright guys, time to return to monotony of my daily life. Hope you enjoyed my tedious and personal account of this holiday and the revelation of LTE it introduced me to.

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