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Touchscreen interface in newspapers and textbooks is no more restricted only in Harry Potter movie series. We have all witnessed moving images and running live videos in the newspaper and other live art effects in textbooks of Hogwarts in this movie franchise. But today I read something which made me go crazy! Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu has developed a technology that turns the paper surface into a touchscreen!


This technology is capable of detecting our fingers that are pointing on any flat/still surface like paper. We can easily cut, copy, drag and drop images or any other portion of the paper using our fingertips in a same way as we do in our smartphones or tablets for image editing. Or one can even copy or scan the selected portion of any page to save it for future reference, and that too by using his/her fingers.

Taichi Murase, a researcher at Fujitsu’s Media Service System Lab further describes the technology-

“We think paper and many other objects could be manipulated by touching them, as with a touchscreen. This system doesn’t use any special hardware; it consists of just a device like an ordinary webcam, plus a commercial projector. Its capabilities are achieved by image processing technology.”

Fujitsu’s research team claims that beside plane surface this technology can also work on uneven surfaces like rounded book pages, so that one can easily manipulate data from such curved pages as well. In a presentation video researchers demonstrated that this technology will not detect general hand gestures but it can sense the exact pointed finger facing towards any surface. Furthermore, one can use his/her hand gestures to perform actions without touching the board.

Watch this video to know more about what this technology is all about –

Although this technology is still in its initial stage to demonstrate the concept behind it, Fujitsu is planning to commercialize it by 2014. After watching this demo video I was left amazed! What about you all? I would love to hear your take on this upcoming next generation touch interface!


Last evening was hectic as hell. Screaming down my ear drums for pending editorials and giving the publishing team a run around the office were my Boss’s two priorities; both of which he ably fulfilled.  Leaving office at wee hours of the night isn’t exactly something I enjoy, and more so with the scarcity of auto-rickshaws at night but a DTC bus came on as a savior.

Now while travelling on the fourth bench of the bus, I saw a teenager playing on his Touchscreen Smartphone. Even though it’s something very common place yet very indicative of how everyone is keen to possess the latest technologies on offer. And since I didn’t feel like sleeping when I got back home, I just surfed YouTube on my Smart TV where I came across an “Avengers” movie clip where Robert Downey Jr. is playing with a Touchscreen display while doing his homework for the Avengers initiative. The next video in sequence was “Made of Glass” depicting Glass Touchscreen displays and my was I hooked to that five minute long clip. And the inquisitiveness within me begged the question,” Is what I am seeing really possible?!” Check the clip for understanding my perspective…

The brilliance of Corning® Display Technology is endearing and exhilarating at the same time. Maybe it is just a concept commercial but it opens a doorway of living the digitalized life. Photovoltaic glass, that darkens at sunset and turns back to its usual self with exposure to sunlight. Touch screen Smart TV’s; where you can magnify a channel with the slide of your index finger. Attending to important notifications on your mirror while brushing your teeth in front of the mirror. Rotating your fingers to set the cooking gas level and having NFC enabled displays that magnify images and visuals while video chatting. Out and out touch enabled dashboard displays in your car, touch interface displays to know public transport routes, sharing and customization of work data via your office table  and even having touch displays at apparel stores to view model videos and images before actually trying them (a step ahead of what MyHabit Fashion is doing now!)

And just when I mind was about to utter “Wow!” I saw the second video in line and I was short for words. The possibilities of innovation through Glass Touchscreen displays are endless. This amalgamation of Touchscreen displays, fiber optics and 3D engines is truly capable of taking “Interactive Classroom Teaching”, medical practices and even your daily life to a whole new dimension. And even though I had to pinch myself back from illusion to reality I was still overawed by what I had just witnessed. It might take many a year for this technology to come into practical realization, but it serves as a stark underlining of the fruitful combination of technological advancements and human endeavors. All I can say now is that “Virtual Lifestyle is not far away!”

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