London Fashion Week 2012During the official launch of London fashion week various well known designers and stylist took their creativity to a notch higher level by using the new concept of 3D technology in fashion. The fashion show was astonishing with the world’s top ranking designers showcasing their designs. Many of them revealed that they are working on their projects that are totally dependent upon the software interface, in which a designer can draw a 2d sketch of a design, which then extrudes 3d data from 3d model with full manipulation can be created. In such virtual projects they can apply different fabric presets as well as environmental effects. This reduces the need to make many real prototypes that require a lot of time and expenditure.

With such cutting edge technology, the fashion industry appears to be increasingly leaning on 3D to aid the creativity and designing. In the fashion show for the 2012 spring and summer collection, the famous designer Tri Nouio created a collection of garments with 3D printing technology. Basically, he combined the art, technology and fashion in the fabric. In an interview he said that and I quote, “…image is easier to convey the message. So, I opt 3d technology to develop my new collection” unquote.3d fabric print

Another interesting project worthy of mention is “Valentino Garavani’s Virtual Museum”, which is said to be the first digital exhibition of its kind in the world. The two year project will collect around 5000 images of dresses and about 180 fashion shows in virtual world; which would have required 10,000 square meters of prime estate; if it were to be established in the real world.

Another new concept is “3d printing” that is set to play a huge role in the upcoming fashion and apparel world. Soon we will be able to see online virtual stores where designers can add their new collections and the guests can walk around the store in the virtual world. Such is the growing impact of this 3D technology that many designers want to work with auto stereoscopic screens to share designing experiences with their audience. Definitely a shape of things to come…