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It’s that time of the year again that one of the biggest consumer electronic fair kicks off in the jam-packed Las Vegas Convention Centre. I am pretty sure that all the technology-enthusiasts out there would be waiting with bated breath to see all the new innovations that are supposed to be unveiled. What we generally miss is the lighter side of things. Browsing across YouTube I found this really quirky yet humorous video which has been compiled with the honest intent of some light-hearted humor.

All credits to the maker for this thoroughly enjoyable compilation. In all seriousness, I will be covering the interesting products that are unveiled during this consumer electronics fair. But for now, I will leave you with the giggles you get from watching this video!


Alright people, time for some fun. Everyone knows how obsessed people have become with their Smartphones these days. Installationapp-lock_icon_whatsapp and smooth running of an app is a matter of pride, abundance of features is a bragging tool and a moment’s disappearance from WhatsApp is considered to be a lifetime of social disconnect. While I do admit that Smartphones do make our lives a lot easier, the level of addiction with them is mind-boggling.

smartphone-funnyAnd then there are the promotional activities that take place for making these nifty gadgets appeal to the
masses. You will do limitless internet research, take opinions from existing Smartphone owners, scour through websites and retail stores to make sure you are getting a device which is complete bang for your buck! But what gets sidelined in all this is the funny side of marketing that these devices bring along with them. Here, I will cipher some of the funniest Smartphone commercials I have come across over the web. Lot’s of brand bashing and articulate sarcasm going on here ;p

1) Micromax slamming Galaxy Y –

Indian phone maker Micromax launched its Ninja range of Smartphones to compete with the Galaxy Y entry-level Smartphone and took a parodist potshot at Samsung with a couple of well-thought of commercials highlighting the VFM stance of their devices with bigger screens and processing as well as low costs. The claims are always subject to debate, but the commercials still made for funny viewing.

2) Significance of Smartphones –

This is a Best Buy commercial which shows an in-flight conversation between a woman with “Smartphone” and a man with a supposedly “dumb” one. What unfolds is best expressed by the video itself.

3) Smartphone Addicts –

Another one that caught my eye thanks to the sheer honesty of its underlying humor. As per the message, a Windows Phone is the shining light to save us from our Smartphones !

4) Samsung mocking Apple –

No need to summarize about what happened in the Samsung-Apple verdict as I pretty sure everyone must be bored to death from reading about it by now. But the creative heads at Samsung came up with a hard-hitting counter which showed Apple in inferior light. And judging by the 17 million views it had garnered so far, it is by far the big daddy of parodist commercials in my humble opinion.

Well, all these were basically the best ones from the lot from what I have seen, but at the end of the day I am only human. Do let me know if there are any more such funny Smartphone TVC’s that I might have missed but deserve a mention.. CIAO!!

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