Mobile – The only thing that can make a man go wild if he doesn’t find the device in his pocket. The phenomenal rise in the usage of mobile users combined with some awesome internet services has explored new regimes. Gone are the days, when we used to have phone just for Calling or messaging purpose. Messaging has been replaced with applications like Whatsapp, snapchat etc etc.

The Phase “A man is known by the company he keep” can very well be transformed into “A Smartphone is known by the number of applications it can run”. As the market of Smartphone increased, It was very obvious to see the increase in number of Applications – ranging from Games, Social Networks, Business apps and many more.

Coming to some of the most required App from a user’s perspective will be an App that can deliver all the information one is looking for (Just like a Mini Google). For me ASKME app is the perfect solution for all our problems. A perfect App that delivers results that matter most to us.

This App, launched in 2011, can be very handy in keeping yourself updated on all the discounts, Deals happenings in your area and It also allows one to add their review on Business places, restaurant. The App also has the feature of making our own list of Jobs, Businesses or create a AD for your Business. The ability to read/add reviews about Businesses in our city is a huge advantage as it enables us to keep ourselves refrain from not so good places.

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This ASKME app caters to all our queries – be it seeking information on some nearby places, movies being played in theatres, Deals on spa’s in our locality or any other request being processed. The best thing I like about this App is the simple and easy User Interface and for me it’s a better search engine than Google as it only deliver the results that are useful to me. The easy to use interface enables users of every age group to navigate through the app and get exact information he/she is looking for.

This App will serve as a one stop destination for all internet users as they will get all the info on one single platform They, no longer , have to go to Zomato to check restaurant reviews or Indiamart to check info on some Business.

The App also provides a good list of addresses and phone numbers of many of the businesses in our area and the ability to call them directly via AskMe app. This app will certainly be very useful for every smartphone user as we all seek for some information every now and then.The app is available 24*7 for users so stop going elsewhere to search information and check AskME – Baap of all Apps.

So what are you waiting for , Check more details on the App here