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seagate_600_ssdA Solid State Drive is also known as Solid State Disk. It is a storage drive which uses electronic integrated circuits unlike any other hard drive. The “Seagate 600 SSD” which was announced yesterday is geared for general users who want to upgrade from their conventional HDD. The company officials have confirmed that this model has been designed for pro-consumers and enterprise use.

Solid State Drive:

The Seagate 600 is the world’s first consumer-grade SSD drive in the market and is available in two variants – 7mm and 5mm thick. This difference in disk thickness will have no effect on its functioning as each of them will perform same and will be available in three different capacities – 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB. The 240GB and 480GB SSD offer upto 500Mbps and 400Mbps consecutive reading and writing speed respectively. Whereas the 128GB version has a somewhat slower writing speed of 300Mbps for consecutive writing.


The 600 SSD has been designed in the same standard 2.5inch size which supports the latest SATA 3 (6Gbps) and on-the-fly error-correction algorithms. It uses 19nm Multilevel Cell NAND flash memory. The officials say that the new 600 SSD can be used the same as any other Seagate 2.5 inch HDD and it is also adept to support the Native Command Queuing and Data Set Management with Trim for better performance. One must ensure that it is used with Windows 7 or 8 to ensure apt use of the Trim functionality.

And unlike a traditional HDD, SSD drives do not use any external mechanical components. It is pretty clear that in the future SSDs will be in mass consumption by manufacturers in laptops, desktops and other electronic devices. As far as the prices of Seagate 600 SSD is concerned, then generally SSDs cost 7-8 times more than a traditional hard disk drive although we are yet to hear about the pricing and the product launch date by the company.



The much anticipated Google Glass has been finally announced for release. Google has confirmed that without any further delay they will start shipping the first batch of glasses as it seems like the first lot of devices come off the production edge. Google has notified their ‘Glass Explorers’ through a mail stating that the company has decided to ship its first consignment to their 2000 explorers, who signed up for Google’s I/O developer conference in San Francisco last year.

With this terrific announcement, it is an apt time to throw light on some  of the hidden specifications of this device as well –

The device’s display is undoubtedly one of its prime factor and now it’s pretty clear why; it will have a resolution which is equivalent to a 25 inch high-definition screen from eight feet away. Developer’s guide says that it will capture a photo which will have a resolution of 640 x 360p. This could be the device resolution as well however, Google did not mark it in the spec list.

The Glass will also have a 5MP camera that can record your videos at 720p. Initially it will be shipped with 16 GB of flash storage memory, out of which 12GB will be for user access. Another most endearing feature the company has incorporated into this device is a bone conduction transducer which is an advanced audio transmission technology that will transmit sound from glass to the inner ear through the bones of the wearer’s skull.

Selected people for the first slot of deliveries can buy the Explorers edition by paying US$1500 only. Click here for more precise details and to know about usage of Google Glass.

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