In my last article, I had talked of cricket. Today I want to talk a little about another supposedly un-ladylike activity – gaming. Hey, 
gaming is not the exclusive privilege of boys – even girls can play it, and play it well! I and my brother have indulged in many an evening of uninhibited gaming, trying to beat each other in our favorite bunch of role playing games on our Xbox.

When playing a dual player game on TV, the biggest problem is the split screen. Since both players need to “see” as separate players, traditionally the screen is split in half vertically to give separate views to the two players. But this ‘screen splitting’ results in two issues – one, the fun is spoiled when you get to watch only in half-screen, and second, the other player already knows what you are going to do – that is cheating, man!

Enter the Dual Play technology – a standard feature on the new LG 3D TVs – manna from heaven from avid gamers like me! Dual Play means two can play the game together – always the best way, IMHO. Once the Dual Play gaming mode is activated, two players can enjoy the game together. And the best part is – you get to play in full screen, plus the other player gets to see only his/her screen, thus preventing cheating or foreknowledge of your ploys.

The way this technology works is a spin-off of the FPR screens that LG 3D TVs use. In the FPR technology, the screen itself generates two different images that are later viewed through passive 3D glasses, and combined in the brain to get a 3D image. The passive 3D glasses are built in such a way as to allow circularly polarized light in a different manner through right and left side filters.

The passive glasses also play a crucial role in the Dual Play – they are the usual passive 3D glasses with a simple twist – while one set features only the left side polarized glass, the other sports only the right side polarized glasses. Thus, the two players get to watch different screens.  Besides the obvious convenience of Dual Play, it also makes for really immersive gaming. You get to play on a WHOLE screen, and that makes all the difference – it is really enjoyable! And since the glasses are extremely light and comfortable, you really get to engage yourself in the game!

Now, the big question is – where do you get the Dual Play glasses? Rest easy folks, I have all the answers. Some of the LG 3D TV models, such as LG LM8600 come with six (yes, you heard that correct – SIX!) sets of passive 3D glasses – absolutely free!! Of these, two are Dual Play glasses – so you can get down to gaming straightaway!

For those of you are DIYers, you can also get down to make your own Dual Play glasses, but that would mean sacrificing two pairs of 3D glasses out of the four that you get FREE with every LG 3D TV! Here is a short and sweet video tutorial of how to make Dual Play glasses.