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After a week-long leave, it feels good to be back doing what you enjoy; which in my case is writing J The week that has gone by was filled with celebration, revelry, emotional connect and exuberance. I returned to Mumbai for a few days and met all the relatives who have been so eager to confirm my existence so that they can bore me to death with their stereotypical opinions and advice.

The first part of the whole thing was quite enjoyable if I am being truthful. When you consider that I spend majority of my time in the Capital due to my professional commitments, my social circle gets limited to office colleagues and it has to have a degree of insanity attached to it. As much as you enjoy this freedom of being independent, home sickness eventually kicks in. There were quite a few new souls I came to know about on this visit of mine. Like the new maid in our household as well as our not so noisy neighbors who have recently moved in. And the whole Diwali to Bhai Dooj was spent in constant shuttling to relative’s houses and social get-togethers.

The other part of the trip was intriguing and to an extent disappointing if seen contextually. The festive season has become a set criterion for adding something new to the household with new vehicles, gold and TV’s topping the list. Now I know as much about cars as a horse would know about an iPad so I’ll leave it at that. And I do not have too much inclination towards jewelry so let’s cut that off from the list as well. But since technology is something close to my heart, TV is where all my opinions came out and quite a few of them were a bit taken aback with my in-depth inputs. I am just going to recap a few instances which I found funny and infuriating at the same time.

Instance 1: My Mamaji (uncle) comes to our house to wish Diwali and bought two wonderful presents. Since my mom had already made everyone aware of my LG LM6700 Cinema 3D TV, he was a little curious of why I would go for LG when I could have gone for a Sony or Samsung. I explained in details the advantages the TV had and that it provided the best of all features which I guess insinuated him as he went on to rumble about how TV purchasing shouldn’t be such an inquisitive process and blatantly advocated in favor of a Sony LCD TV. I kept mum on the outside but my insides were on fire with laughter at all this naivety.

Instance 2: Our own household needed an upgrade as the 29” Samsung CRT has literally been surviving by the skin of its teeth and it was high time for an upgrade. But as it always is with parents, my Dad called up one of his acquaintances for advice. The lanky individual turned up at our place and instead of giving buying advice, he jumped on the opportunity to earn a few extra bucks. He assured my father that no point in spending big on a flat TV as he can get a 32” LCD from either Videocon or Futec (yes there is a company by that name) for next to peanuts. I had to work a lot on clearing all the brainwash and explain him about the existing display technologies. For now, he has decided to conduct some thorough surveys of the latest Smart 3D TV’s and assured me of making the final decision when I visit next so that went well.


Instance 3: We went to one of my mum’s friend’s place to wish Diwali and that tied up with them since they had also gone to buy a new TV. Fortunately in this case, her husband was a bit tech-savvy and did understand about the 3D functionality and Smart TV features. He had not made a decision yet but had his heart set on the Samsung 46” ES6800 Smart TV. Never the one to intentionally influence anyone’s buying decision, I showed him the pics of my own LG Smart 3D TV which left him in a bit of a fix. The good thing was that he had some awareness with what TV’s have to offer today which came as a welcome surprise for me.

Now make of it what you will, but the majority of the consumers base is still not enchanted by what a modern age TV has to offer. Instead, it’s the price which is the most influential factor in the purchase. At one end, you can’t blame them for being restrictive but it also highlights the sad fact that TV makers need to have a more cohesive campaign if the market for 3D TV’s and Smart TV’s has to grow in the immediate future.


I am not the one who believes in doing things the old school way. Any and every little issue, whether it be a little scraping in the wall to any issue in an electrical appliance of mine, I prefer to give it a shot myself rather than straight away calling a mason or technician. Most of the times, it works but sometimes the end result is dreadful. Just ask the landlady about my Diwali lights debacle and you will have a fit of rage on exhibit!

And I have stayed honest to the philosophy when it comes to buying new products. Take for example my new LG LM6700 Cinema 3D TV which has been bought an exact 7 months 22 days and 11 hours ago J The whole TV purchase process was one hell of a rollercoaster ride for me. My slim CRT panel had undergone bypass surgeries I don’t know how many times and the need for change (or to be more specific an upgrade) was apparent. As much as I didn’t want to part with my old generation idiot box, the upgrade had loomed on the horizon and this demise just made it inevitable. The crying shame is that the CRT wasn’t in a condition to be kept anymore and one fine day we parted ways L

Now began the surveying process for the new TV. I had been so crushed with all that had happened during the past few days that my heart wasn’t yet set straight on sorting out this new dilemma of mine. I breezed through quite a few brand showrooms and multi-retailer stores without much of a purpose as I wasn’t yet clear on what I wanted. But with the kind of moolah I was going to spend on a new TV, I needed to get my head around the whole deal. And that is when the real work began as I first understood the three available display technologies namely LCD, LED and Plasma at the time. Since the TV needed to be kept in a brightly lit room, the Plasma was ruled out immediately. And with the dimensions the room had; anything less than 50” would look farcical. And since LCD models in these screen sizes are deceptive as quite a few which claim to be full HD turn out to be HD Ready and as a newbie, that was a risk I wasn’t willing to take so I singled out on going for an LED TV.

I might have been unaware of how TV’s have progressed, but the frequent showroom demos and visits bought me up to speed with it all. TV’s now were not only capable of providing stunning picture quality but also double up as a PC with their Smart TV functionality. Add to the fact the phenomenon of 3D visuals had already caught up with brands with most in the range of newest models were in fact Smart 3D TV. This changed the whole outlook I had and I resurveyed the models I had singled out for their 3D capabilities and Smart TV functions. It was a direct tussle between Sony 46” HX850, Samsung 46” ES6800R and LG 47” LM6700. Now here is when things got tricky as the 3D technology in LG’s TV was different to that of Samsung and Sony’s. That is when I hit a roadblock again to understand all about the Active and Passive 3D technologies. After a check on that, it was clear that passive 3D is the preferred and more comfortable option when viewing 3D for longer time periods so LG had an extra brownie point on that front.

But 3D was not going to be the deciding factor as picture quality and Smart TV functions held equal weightage for me. That also turned out to be engaging as the HX850 turned out a tad bit better on the PQ front but was nowhere near Samsung and LG in terms of its Smart TV dashboard. Plus, the Touchpad Remote and Magic Motion Remote from Samsung and LG respectively were an added plus.

With every important aspect of a new age TV clear to a layman like myself, the only thing left was a thorough comparison and then making a choice. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved some of features in both Sony and Samsung, but LG for me was the consistent performer across all the important parameters which made my choice a wee bit easier. Close to 8 months on, my LM6700 adores the main wall of my living room and I am glad that this purchase was made after proper research and not haphazard selection because that would have been annoying when there is a plethora of informational resources to learn and understand from before shelling the bucks on a TV these days!

Once in a while, every person likes to escape away from hard reality into a make- believe world of visual entertainment – however unrealistic and illusory it is, and even if it is only for a brief period of time. With the evolution of 3D technology, one more avenue has been added to that imaginary world.  The current surge in the number of 3D movies being made, and people shelling great sums of money  to relish them endorses the growing interest of people in the world of 3D entertainment. My experience of 3D viewing in the theatres had been phenomenal – the 3D performance was exciting and thrilling. Is the improvement in theatrical 3D experience due to the incorporation of new technology in the theatres or the evolution in the footage of 3D movies? Whatever the reason, these improvements are making the viewers increasingly addicted towards 3d viewing.

In the old days, the mere mention of 3D conjured up visions of the comical looking red and blue glasses worn in the theaters for watching 3D movies. 3D viewing at home is considerably different and comfortable – and the recent introduction of comfortable, flicker free passive 3D glasses has taken 3D home viewing to a whole new level – and it is certainly more fun!

My first tryst with 3D home viewing happened at a local store, and the 3D TV seemed a good bang for the buck.  A family movie night was something that I valued, and the increased availability of 3D movies on Blu-ray has been a cherished experience for my family. Since the time of owning a 3D TV, my house has become a movie central for our family – and we have shared many a full filled evening watching a movie together in the comfort of our house.

A host of additional feature really makes our LG 3D TV a veritable entertainment hub. For example, the 2D to 3D conversion feature in the 3d TV means that there is no dearth of 3D content that is available for viewing. The Dual Play feature is a treat for the console gamers who are able to watch two different pictures without the hindrance of split screens – giving them an exhilarating gaming experience. Among its Smart features, the LG TV features various apps that make streaming of videos and browsing the net a delightful pleasure. All in all, 3D viewing at home has become an enjoyable experience, with quality time spent with family and friends.

Despite of widespread skepticism about its future, I feel that 3D viewing at home is definitely going to be a big part of home entertainment. With 3D TV viewing becoming more evolved and additional technical improvements being introduced frequently, the beginning of the trend is already there.

For Indian tech enthusiasts and geeks, 3D is mostly an unknown quantity. The trend is not much different over the rest of the world. Yet, we find that 3D literally adds a new dimension to many of the products we use in daily course of life. 3D is emerging as a technology that can provide that most elusive of qualities to any products or brand – differentiation. Apple also seems to have realized it – which stands to reason – since Apple has always been one of the most innovative brands over the last two decades – providing unique solutions to general users. Its range of products – Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV etc is living testaments to this.3D Technology for Apple

Apple is working on a number of innovations that involve extensive use of 3D technology. For example, a new 3D camera is reportedly in works – eventually to be added to i-products. The 3D camera will be equipped with solid graphic capabilities that will capture 3D images that will then be displayed on the screens of various Apple devices. There are also reports of an Apple patent that purports to develop 3D remote – that includes a gyroscopic sensor and a touch interface – that will work with a host of Apple devices. This magic wand sounds quite similar to the Magic Motion Remote of LG 3D TVs – though the final picture will be clear only when the device is finally revealed.

Apple has a tradition of sorts for making apps and devices that use technology in an innovative way to benefit the final user. For example, they already offer eye-tracking 3d technology for iPhone and iPad, and 3d maps in iPhone. Therefore, it only seems fit that Apple will probably establish the 3D TV technology among general users – an endeavor in which most of the other companies have achieved mixed success at the best.

Apple 3D TVApple has already adopted a technology that will allow Apple TV users to enjoy 3D TV viewing without being burdened with cumbersome 3D glasses. Apple TV has recently tied up with Stream TV Networks, a company that develops glass free 3D technology for TV sets. As per reports, Apple TV will use Stream’s Ultra-D technology – which uses a combination of software and hardware to convert 2D images to 3D, and then beam it in HD in a way that is suitable for glass-free 3D viewing. The good news is that the glass free 3D viewing will not be limited to Apple TV only – it can readily be adapted for iPad and iPhones as well.

So, is it time to take the next step in 3D TV evolution, and try glass free 3D viewing? Well, with the considerable endorsement of Apple, the 3D technology may just receive the boost that it needs and deserves. Lets us keep our fingers crossed, and see whether this new technology makes it in time for iphone 6, ipad 4 or other upcoming products.

3D and Fashion – A Natural Union

I think 3D technology in televisions is still evolving and developing beautifully, though a lot of people are skeptical – and wonder whether 3D TVs are just a fad – that will pass out with passing seasons. It is not that 3D technology is something new – it started to catch public imagination right at the start of the 20th century, and its popularity has increased ever since. The 3D technology has been successfully incorporated into the popular medium of television only recently – and its application has rapidly expanded to include other mobile devices too – laptops, Smartphones and handheld gaming consoles.

Vu Couture TV - The Designer 3D TVOne can easily say – 3D TVs are in fashion, and how! Vu Televisions recent became the purveyor or luxury televisions in India – with the launch of a “Vu – Tarun Tahiliani Counture TV”, developed in association with the well known fashion designer. The sumptuous looking 55 inch screen 3D TV is decked in Swarovski crystals – and looks like a great piece of bling for those who like to live life king-size. Not only is this TV good looking, it has got some serious specs to boot – on par with some of the best 3D TV models around. I can see one problem though – anyone seeing this TV will be so busy admiring the crystals in the TV frame – he will simply miss the picture! On a serious note, I think this is a trend of inculcating great luxury in selected products, and will only grow in the future.

The onslaught of 3D in the fashion world is spreading still further. I remember reading an article about a group of designers who are taking the advantage of 3d visualization process not just to speed up their designing process but also take their fashion design into next level. Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss and Gucci are some of the leading designers that have inculcated 3D elements into their designs. While some of their designs look stunning, some look just average – but that is just my outlook! But what I really could appreciate was the willingness of these designers to experiment with 3D, and create new fashion statements that could create great buzz, and excite fashion lovers like me.

I think that design and 3D form a natural union. With the help of 3D, fashion designers could really bring out the details, textures, volumes and shapes of fine crafted garments and other accessories. I am very much sure that soon, more big brands and famous designers – in India and abroad alike – will turn to 3d technology to showcase their creativity and products.

Yes, unfortunate but true. I enjoyed a stupendous Saturday with the showcase of the OLED 3D TV by LG. This newest in line OLED TV has already has the distinction of being the best product at CES Las Vegas 2012. But Sunday came a bit early for me as this was the final time I went to Messe Berlin. 24 hours later, I am sitting in my office desk wondering “Waqt di fer-palat te vekho, kal Germany te aaj Nai Dilli L”, but if I am being absolutely honest, I enjoyed returning back home after a hectic but fabulous few days in Berlin.

I have already told you guys about the OLED TV as well as the 4K TV’s and my last day was just about introspection of whether I might have missed something I shouldn’t. Most of my time was spent looking at the various Smartphones namely Optimus L9, HTC Desire, the three variants of Experia series and Samsung Note II. But I have been left disappointed about the fact that in spite of making the Optimus G official just days before the IFA Berlin 2012, LG has not displayed it in Messe Berlin. Maybe its part of their strategic marketing to avoid duplication after the recent Apple-Samsung verdict but the fan inside me is still reeling from it. Largely because the technical specs on the device make it one of the most awaited LTE Smartphone in recent times.

But it was not all gloom as I got a glimpse of the LG 3D Video Wall during the wee hours of my visit. Based on the same Cinema 3D technology with IPS panels, the Film Patterned Retarder based screens provide flicker-free passive 3D and the In Plane switching panels allow a wide viewing angle and consistent white distribution to accommodate a large audience. WM70MD 55” LED displays were arranged in a cinema screen design and with the narrowest bezel in the world (5.3 mm), these displays seamlessly reinvent the concept of 3D viewing. Indeed, “And after all, you’re my Wonderwall..” echoed in my entangled brain. Maybe this clip on Youtube will give you a better idea of it.

So to sum it up, the “Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin” was like a goodies bag full of surprises. The unveiling of the LG OLED 3D Smart TV, the mini LG TM 2792 Cinema 3D TV and also the first ascendance of 4K TV’s like the LG UD 3D 84” TV as well as their Sony and Samsung counterparts were the definite highlights of the fair. Even the disappointment of the no show of Optimus G was compensated by the 3D Video Wall. Now all I eagerly await is the tentative release dates of this fabulous 55” OLED TV in India. Till then, I will stick to enjoying true quality and high definition 3D on my LM6700 J

So today is Day 2 of the great German technology adventure of mine. I slept early last night and woke up around 5 AM local time. Upon requesting for breakfast, the voice on the phone said “Weißt du nicht schlafen?!” (Don’t you sleep) to which I replied “None of your business, hol mir das Frühstück ..” (get me the breakfast). A couple of breads loaves with Dusseldorf mustard, dry muesli and lager down my stomach I got ready and took the cab to Messedamm again. Since I had known the hall route, I was back in Hall 11.2 and was greeted by the LG reps who remembered me from yesterday J And soon enough, the stage had been setup and I finally got the first glimpse of the LG OLED Cinema 3D Smart TV!

The 55” wonder’s design has a super slim bezel (literally the thickness of three credit cards stacked together) and the ribbon stand. This OLED TV is again of LG’s Cinema 3D lineage but before you get bored; it’s the display that has left me gasping…. The brightness, the colors and the clarity of this TV is above all. Even for the blackest blacks, it produces low luminescence. The panel is made up of numerous LED’s with a carbon emissive layer making it a self-illuminating screen. And it is the most power efficient till date as well. However, the technology will not come on the cheap so I expect OLED TV’s to take some time before making an imprint on the TV market. However, I do worry that the visuals on that I have seen on the OLED TV have raised my expectations a tad too much!

And if that was not enough, LG followed it up with its unveiling of the 84” Ultra Definition 3D TV. One massive Screen on this beast and with the User Interface of the Smart TV functions looking very impressive, it’s the biggest addition by LG to their under the Cinema 3D range. And even though I thought that LG’s closest competitor of the 4K TV is the Samsung ES9000 75’ Smart TV, I was in for a pleasant surprise as Hall 4.2 was jam packed with Sony for the first time displaying the 84” KD-84X9005 LCD TV which Sony plans to globally phase by this year’s end. Personally speaking, the design is not as impressive as compared to LG or Samsung and it’s an LCD! I will probably spend the remainder of the day looking at other reputed exhibitors namely Toshiba, Panasonic and Philips and return tomorrow to discover the new mobiles being unveiled at this tech fest. But the highlight of my day has surely been what LG believes is the “World’s best OLED TV!”

Let me tell you today about my trip to Germany. It took a mere 8 hours for me to reach Berlin via Lufthansa and check in the Grand City Hotel Berlin East (Cut price deal I tell you) and a hot coffee later, I caught up on my sleep for a few hours.

My eyes opened at around 5 in the morning which started with beer. I had heard that Germany was a root land of the finest brewed beer and one sip of Beck’s confirmed that. I was bloody excited to learn that the entry to IFA 2012 would be open from 8 AM. After calling in one of my acquaintances, I reached the venue at Messedamm 22 where my company exec Pass was ready. I spent a couple of hours at the hall near entrance and went through a couple of brochures and some tradeshow magazines.

After a press alert, I found my way to LG’s designated exhibitor hall 11.2 for the first product unveiling. And although I was expecting the LG 4K UD 3D TV, LG vowed the crowd with its latest unveiling the LG Personal Smart TV TM2792. This Smart TV is the latest in line of the LG Cinema 3D range currently on offer and even though it’s the smallest TV at just 27 inches, the latest innovation for the Korean consumer electronics firm is a pint-sized dynamite. The design is familiar with the same narrow bezel IPS frame and ribbon stand which gives the impression that the TV is suspended in mid-air!

Coming to the technical specs, the TV supports full 1920×1080 resolution and is built on LG’s revolutionary flicker-free passive Cinema 3D platform with two 7W speakers for 3D sound zooming. It also has Smart TV functionality along with features like DLNA, Wi Fi and Wi Di. The only thing unknown is the price aspect and we might soon get to know about that with September being touted as its tentative launch month. Also on show was the GS 9366 Side by Side Refrigerator with Eco Door technology in smart brushed steel finish.

Next stop after that was Hall 5.1 which had Samsung Electronics showing off the 75” ES9090 and 65” ES8090 Smart TV’s with unique features like Allshare to enjoy media on the TV and Smart View feature for mobile entertainment. The outer frame consisted of a slim bezel and a very solid profile. The company will also be flaunting its flagship Galaxy S3 in the aftermath of the Samsung-Apple patent dispute with Jelly Bean OS update for it coming soon.

Even though I enjoy writing these little entries, the fact is that there is so much to experience here that I would rather write after I get back to my hotel room. Till then, let me bask in the latest gadgets in this Consumer Electronics Fair and I will get back to you guys in a bit.

Hello folks, Nisha is back again. My pursuit of technology and 3D TV’s is at its peak at the moment and it has got a lot to do on what will transpire this weekend.

Just two days left to the IFA Tradeshow 2012 in Berlin, Germany and this post is a just a pre-cursor to what I feel I can expect there. The major draw is definitely the all-Korean grudge match between LG and Samsung when they go head to head by unveiling their latest range of 3D TV’s. On one hand, we have Samsung’s 75” Smart 3D LED TV with a bezel as thick as a third of an inch and Dual-core powered 240 Hz panel. Its opponent is the massive LG 84” UD 3D TV with Ultra Definition 3D technology and is the world’s first 4K 3D TV.

I would love to experience both these monsters first hand when I reach Berlin in a couple of days and deary me I can’t wait! Samsung’s Smart TV promises to be an enticing option with its 35 million: 1 dynamic ratio and standard Voice and Touch Recognition. The 240 Hz frame is also a big step up in its active 3D format to bring down the issues of crosstalk and allows the unit to have a better refresh rate to avoid image and color distortion. In comparison, LG’s humongous offering is the first of its kind in the 4K TV market which as per the company will provide “The most immersive viewing experience possible”. Its superlative 8 million pixels per frame is four times the standard resolution of the current full HDTV’s along with Resolution Upscaler to view high quality content through portable media.

The most striking difference between the two however, will be the active and passive 3D technology on which Samsung and LG’s TV’s are based respectively. After my love affair with LG LM6700 Smart TV, I personally feel that LG has the edge. And more so with the Smart TV Dashboard promising up to 1400 apps and 3D world features for abundance of 3D content. The finish on both the sets is top notch but await my final verdict after return!

The other two things I eagerly await to see as the LG stall is a sneak peak of the LG Optimus G Smartphone which will have a Quad Core 1.5 GHz processor with 2GB RAM and sports a neat 13 MP Camera. In other words, the most high-end Smartphone one would be able to lay his/her hands on. The second one is the unveiling of their premium IPS monitors which has enabled the LG Cinema 3D range built with LED technology to have the most vivid visuals, wide viewing angles and color wash next to zilch.

That’s all the time I have for now as the check-in process for flight boarding has already started. (Yes, I am at the airport while I write this!) Till then, stay updated and do try and catch a glimpse of IFA 2012 if possible. Hasta luego fellas !!

Since all of you are well aware by now of the cringe-filled nature of mine to always prefer Aamchi Mumbai over India’s very own capital Delhi, my perspective might come across a bit less harsh now. Thought the weather is pretty decent these days but that did not stop me from taking a much needed holiday abroad. My life is already hectic and when I did get some relaxation from my work, I decided to land up at my elder sister’s place at Atlanta, Georgia to blow off some steam from my daily routine. Even my Boss didn’t object one bit on the 15 day leave I had taken so that was a plus.

The cultural amalgamation that has overseen the population in US is praiseworthy to say the very least. The locals are very welcoming and helpful at least when you have come as a tourist to the States! My sis picked me up from the Airport and within a couple of hours, I was at her place. Her apartment gave the all-too-familiar feeling you get while you see those cottage-shaped houses you see in the Hollywood movies. I was eager to meet up with my little nephew as well and boy is the kid American. Not a hint of the fact that he was actually Indian as his accent suggested otherwise.

Anyways, before she could ask anything I decided to flaunt my latest baby and popped out my new LG Optimus 3D Smartphone  to which she gave a sneaky smile. I was bit taken aback as I was expecting the jaw-drop reaction. But I had forgotten that US mobile technology is pretty advanced with all the major brands launching their handsets there. Sure enough, I ended up giving the same jaw-dropping reaction after I laid my hands on her LG Optimus LTE2.. By God are we behind as LTE (or Long Term Evolution) due to the poor show of 3G in India. I am no gadget Guru but trust me, I have used most of the high-end handsets money can buy in India and they all fell pale in comparison to this LG Smartphone with Verizon network. The looks are appealing enough but the 4G network speed is pretty much comparable to that of an office lease line. And I saw this wonderful & humorous clip on the YouTube about it.

I also loved the fact that GPS and other features of the phone were actually fully utilized because of the service provider capabilities. Before I knew, I ended up watching my favorite DDLJ on YouTube without any buffering delays. The day had ended with me draining out her cell phone’s battery and at 5 in the evening, I finally got to meet my sweet Jiju ! Mu sister’s little gadget kept me in awe all along with its navigational capabilities and excellent response time. And with the Jelly Bean update upcoming, her phone is the envy of tech-loving people like me.

After returning to India, I decided to do a little research of my own and my awe didn’t reduce one bit. With the specs provided, this would be the perfect companion to migrate and enjoy media on my LG 42” Cinema 3D TV. With over 5 million handsets already sold worldwide, the fad of this next generation Smartphone will grip India sooner rather than later. And trust me; I will be one of the first ones in the queue!

Alright guys, time to return to monotony of my daily life. Hope you enjoyed my tedious and personal account of this holiday and the revelation of LTE it introduced me to.

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