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The Apple launch affair was a stellar one. From highlighting the slimmer and taller design of iPhone’s latest variant to showcasing the new iOS6, it seemed like Apple had the structure and resources in place to prove all its doubters wrong. But a couple of weeks after its official launch, Apple looks like treading shores unknown.

What was essentially supposed to be the Big Debate between iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 has been overshadowed by unified claims of a failed product launch in the form of iOS 6 Maps. In coming out with the iPhone 5, Apple decided to completely ward off with YouTube and Google Maps; two of the most popular app services amongst Smartphone users. And in came the all new iOS maps which have been developed from the ground up (legitimate spokesperson quote).

During the official keynote, the crowd was given a firsthand look at how the Maps service on iOS works. The vector-based map system has the benefits of Local Search for getting photos and reviews of places they are about to visit. Apart from the standard turn by turn navigation and reroutes integrated with Siri, the Maps have been made capable of making your drives easier and time-saving. Another wonderful feature within the iOS maps was it “Flyover” feature, wherein you can actually see a live time human eye image of how places look like while flying over them and also allows you to adjust viewing distances and angles as per your convenience.

Now anyone who would have watched the keynote would have no doubt been left impressed the strategic innovation and enterprise on Apple’s part for the Mapping system. But the actual live use of this app has given less than impressive results. Users have used various social mediums with images showing glaring defects in the service. From poor route suggestions to obscure satellite imagery, mismarked and mislabeled places to obliterated building and structures, the iOS maps have left a lot to be desired. Various technology experts have been eager to highlight that Apple on its part had pre-meditated the reaction the service would get and expects to rapidly improve the mapping with the user inputs it get. As bold as the move looks, it jeopardizes Apple’s stance of being oblivious to safeguarding user interest.



Now taking things into context, this is a short term risk Apple is willing to take for long term benefit of its users. And their engaging approach of constant improvement through real time user data is also commendable. But as I see it, maybe Apple would have been better off releasing their Maps service app with the next update on iOS6. That way, they would have been able to improve on an already worthy alternate option to Google Maps and gather more concrete data to avoid the widespread glitches in iOS maps is facing at the moment. By rushing into replacing a Mapping service which has proven to be reliable worldwide with a half-baked mapping and navigation service which is still in its nascent stage has put Apple in the face of risking wrath of its loyal yet massive consumer base.


My Love Affair with Oasis

Commuting from home to office and back is a grueling affair in Delhi, especially if you’re reliant on public transport. The never ending bumper to bumper traffic and constant honking makes it travel of the worst kind. I like many other commuters have managed to find a way around that with the help of music. Just plug in your headphones and start your favorite playlist (or FM in some cases) and you are good to go.

Take yesterday for instance. After somehow squeezing myself into the bus and finding a seat, I just opened a random track list in shuffle mode and locked the phone’s keypad to slip it back into my denim pocket. A few peppy numbers like “Pani Da Rang” and “Drops of Jupiter” was followed by “Don’t look back in Anger” by Oasis. It had been just a few hours since I last heard it in office but the beauty of its music never wanes. I guess I was so happy while hearing the track that I hummed along a bit too loud for the co-passenger’s liking. You guys should have seen their faces when I got down; looked like to had encountered an undiscovered nuisance xD

If I am being honest, I laughed to the hilt and even felt nostalgic about it. And that’s because me and Oasis go way back. The first time I heard Oasis was at a college sleep over cum pajama party. A guy friend (who had a crush on me at that time”blush blush”) had made an mp3 CD which I took along. It majorly consisted of Oasis tracks and some other alternative rock bands. With a couple of pegs of vodka down my good self, the player started playing “Champagne Supernova”.

“How many special people change, how many lives are living strange… where were you while we were getting high…..”

That drunken moment was when I knew I had to know more about Oasis and so I did. The thing with Oasis is that I find every track of theirs very unique and that is largely down to the fact that the Manchester based band intrinsically enjoyed writing and compositions. I for one haven’t been able to pin down a top 10 from their albums even though tracks like “Wonderwall”, “Sad Song”, “Gas Panic”. “Don’t look back in Anger” and “Champagne Supernova” are standouts. Now fast forward to the present and after a hilarious bus ride, I quickly climbed to my 3rd floor apartment with a plan of what to do next. Throw the bag, pop open a beer and watch Oasis in concert. I accessed the YouTube app on my LG Smart TV and watched their “Live in concert-Argentina” vid in full HD and 3D thanks to the Resolution Upscaler feature in my 3D TV. Elder people keep echoing the same belief that Western music has changed our generation for the worst or as Noel Gallagher would put it:

“Please don’t put your life in the hands…of a Rock and Roll band…and throw it all way…..”

I think otherwise. Music is as essential a part of our life as breathing is. Why compromise on something which helps you to survive?! The ones reading this are most welcome to share your views on your own musical preferences.

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