FB Home

The much hyped Facebook Home launcher is now available on Google Play store. At this stage, it is available in USA only, leaving avid Android enthusiasts eager but unable to experience it. Also, even if it available to you, only certain smartphones are compatible with the launcher. But rest easy; there are various options available that can let you enjoy a Facebook home on your smartphone.


If you are a US based user, and stuck with a non compatible smartphone model, the obvious way is to get a new smartphone – a model that works for Facebook Home. But I guess this options is ruled out for most of users – even if they are eager to try out the Facebook home, few users are going to change their smartphones just for that.

The next option involves hacking – rooting your smartphone to install Facebook Home apk. But again, this makes the option a risky one, likely to be practiced by a very few technically savvy users.

The third option is to suck it up, and wait for the Facebook Home to reach your device ad your country.

However, there is still another option that lets you enjoy a Facebook Home like functionality on your Android smartphone, right now, and wherever you are! Just have a look at these three cool Facebook Home alternatives for Android –

1. Quick Launch Social Lockscreen-


As the name suggests, it is almost a complete mélange of major social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – accessible right from the lock screen of the phone. Quick launch lock screen contains its own Facebook widget, which shows the latest photos and headlines from the latest posts in your feed and lets you share, like or view the full post.

2. SO.HO [SOHO Social Launcher]-


The best thing about this launcher is that you can experience and use Facebook as well as Twitter on your Android phone from a single place, making it easier for you to see what’s happening on all your social networks.


3. Android Pro Widgets-


Android is a flexible OS that allows placing dynamic widgets on your home screens so you don’t need to switch between different apps frequently. With APW, you can get all important information at same place – your calendar, bookmarks, a listing of your most recent SMS messages and most importantly, your Facebook feed.