tarotUnless a person completely kills his/her phone’s battery, one doesn’t need a backup. Although many a times it happens that our phone battery gets completely drained which prompts us to look for an alternative in such situations.  We usually prefer to carry two batteries with us but now we have a credit card sized charger that charges our devices in an instant. Yes a charger that’s pretty similar in shape and look to your credit card!

POWEROCKS, a US based consumer electronics company has announced Tarot – the world’s thinnest and most portable power bank. The Tarot’s 1500mAh capacity battery has a slim design so that it can easily fit into a wallet, pocket or small purse to provide an emergency power backup for your smartphone, tablet and iPod etc.

To charge your smartphone with the Tarot, you just need to connect a micro USB cable from Tarot to your smartphone or any other device that you are about to charge to give it an immediate power standby. For iPhone or other devices like camera, Bluetooth headsets etc. which don’t support micro USB; simply attach the device’s USB adapter to the Tarot’s USB cable to charge.

Although, this compact charger looks like a credit card, it’s a bit thicker at 0.28-inches as compared to 0.030 inch thickness of a credit card. Other than that it’s still easy to keep in your wallet while on the go.

The device is available in black, sliver and pink color, priced at US$34.99.