Ultra HD

It’s been some time since 4K or the rechristened Ultra HD TV’s have been launched in India and abroad. But apart from the tech-driven souls, there hasn’t been much consumer interest on this front in my isolated opinion. It might be down to the gigantic proportions that these behemoths have as well as the accompanying exorbitant price tags they carry along with them. Or just down to the fact that like 3D, Ultra HD is considered an unnecessary feature of the modern-age TV’s.

84-inch UDTV-580-75Another major factor is obviously the lack of native 4K content which doesn’t really help the cause of these TV’s. And considering that the digital STB TV transmissions are still only 1080i, the appeal of these TV’s is reduced even further. Sony and LG have been the first ones to tread Ultra HD waters with the launch of their KD-84X9000 and 84LM9600 models. And the most interesting part is the difference in geographical pricing of these two TV’s. While both are neck to neck in Indian pricing with a hefty price tag of INR 17 Lacs. But strangely, the US counterpart of Sony is a good 5000$ dearer than LG.

(Change the video quality to Original to see what Ultra HD is capable of!)

In an attempt to maybe justify the excess, Sony will start offering (on loan) 4K content server-based media player with multiple movie titles for the first batch of buyers in US. The titles may range from the latest Sony Entertainment features like “The Amazing Spiderman” and “Total Recall” to classics like “Taxi Driver” and “The Bridge on River Kwai” but the period of loan for this server is stillsony ultra hd undisclosed. In a way, Sony holds an edge over LG in regards to the 4K content it can provide, but will it finally help to kick off the Ultra HD trend is something that remains to be seen over the coming months.