It was one of those weeks that just flew by. Office deadlines coupled with social responsibilities in the ongoing marriage season hasn’t really helped matters. I mean all one has time for is a power nap every now and again while juggling between all the tasks in your schedule. In spite of having my own apartment, it feels like I have been living out of suitcases for the past couple of weeks.

But in a way, it was a good thing as well as buying stuff for marriage turned out to be an enlightenment session for me to get to know about the new gadgets that have launched recently. The first one was a Samsung Galaxy Camera which turned out to be quite a surprise. Packed with a 4.8 touch-screen display, the camera runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box and has both Wi Fi and 3G capabilities. The interface was smooth and impressive with the integrated tools to instantly share media on social hubs without any lagging. The image quality was clean as well but I can’t really give a true opinion on that as it was just a few snaps clicked within the showroom. The downside is obviously the hefty price tag of close to 29K which will not attract many suitors as one can get a decent DSLR for that price which boasts of a superior image quality. Nonetheless, I found the device very nifty and innovative.

The second gadget was the recently launched LG Optimus L9. The handset had a sharp design with a 4.7” IPS panel screen with a 5 MP rear camera and runs on ICS out of the box. With a dual core 1 GHz processor at its heart, it falls in the mid-range Smartphone segment as the retailer price on this one was around 19.5K. What I liked most about the phone is its glitch-free interface and the inbuilt QTranslator which worked on OCR technology. Add to that, the swift processing speed and powerful 2150mAh battery makes this phone a very appealing package.

Unfortunately for me, that’s all the time I got as the remaining duration was spent in blissful engagements and weddings for a few colleagues of mine but was nothing less than an endless pit of boredom for me. In fact, I am much more calm and high-spirited when blogging while sitting on my bean bag with a cup of black coffee by my side J