People are varied individuals and each one of us has a different definition for expression. Let’s look at some common instances. For a sportsperson going through a bad patch of form, you would have heard the “I’ll let my performance do the talking” countless times. For a writer, a pen is the most powerful and glorious weapon to own. For a programmer, his programming skills are a means of expression as to how proficient he is. And for the gung ho spirits, action speaks louder than words.

Our hectic work lives do not leave much time for catching up with friends these days and this is where a virtual social network has worked as a mode of bridging the gap. But even on a popular social networking platform, the mode of expression for users was restricted to borrowed quotes and a few relevant photos and videos till now. But the recent emergence of internet memes has put a new twist to our daily social binge. Memes are basically hand-drawn images of expressions which people have on their faces when they encounter certain situations. The ironic thing is that half of the time we don’t realize how one expression can I fact be used to show one feeling a many J Although if you peak through the internet these days, the definition of the term has broadened with the use of movie snaps and intuitive sayings to go along with it.

The first meme I encountered was a mischievous frowning face which is now famously known as the “Troll/Problem/U Mad Bro” face. It was a 4-box image about a thief bullying a guy into giving his money. The victim says he likes the thief’s knife and then uses it to take his money back. The truth is that it sound pretty lame in writing but has been made humorous and interesting by the use of expressions. And before I knew, the regularly visited pages were flooded by such memes. Not only are they fun to read as compared to standard media sharing, they appeal to the masses much more these days.

After a while, I had the impression that these memes and rage comics were just a means of some virtual tomfoolery which brings our daily life situations in front of ourselves with a pinch of wittiness. But the fact is that the use of memes is much more than that. Marketing professionals have strategized memetic marketing as one of most powerful forms of reaching out to potential customers. Not only is it cost and time effective but also much more visually engaging which makes the whole campaign easy to comprehend. People might pass this off as a current fad which will slowly wear off in the coming seasons but the way I see it, memes are now an integral part of the World Wide Web and will keep on evolving in a synonymous way with the changing times.