“In the night, the stormy night..Away she’d fly…
And dreamed of para- para- paradise….Para- para- paradise….Para- para- paradise
Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh!”

When it comes to 3D entertainment, James Cameron’s Avatar is the unofficial benchmark which the filmmakers and audiences alike look up to in terms of visualization and how 3D effects can be more than just a gimmick and play a pivotal role in the screenplay. As mentioned by the genius himself, Avatar was a beautiful memory that wouldn’t have come to fruition in real world was it not for the latest 3D and CGI technology that made the memory come to life.

Since then, there have been many movies which have hit the screens in both standard and 3D but haven’t even come remotely close to James Cameron’s 3D masterpiece. The only two titles worth mentioning for their 3D effects in recent years are “Hugo” and “Prometheus”. But things are about to get very interesting as Avatar might have to share the spoils soon. The latest 3D caper to hit the screens this week is Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi”. The movie is about a young kid who encounters and survives a ship wreck and is stranded on a boat with a ferocious Bengal tiger with whom he soon forms a friendly bond and a union of allegiance. The two brave the turbulent waters and witness many beautiful discoveries and thrilling adventures.

The book’s author Yann Martel has himself said that even while penning down this story he believed that it was unfilmable. That in itself was a big challenge as despite of several cohesive ideations the project never picked up. When Ang Lee finally committed to the project, it took him a good three years and the creative backing of 3D technology from Cameron’s pace group to put the movie in place. 3D has been ridiculed by majority in India and abroad for being nothing more than a gimmick and in spite of TV makers bringing 3D TV’s in the market place, the 3D hysteria is yet to actually gather pace. It’s creations like “Life of Pi” that can intrinsically salvage the 3D cause and present a strong counter argument against the visual stereotypes by highlighting the true significance of 3D. From the trailer and the short snippets that I have seen, two really tend to stand out; the night scene with the leaping whale and the other with flying shoal of fishes. Watching those scenes in 2D wouldn’t really excite you but an added 3D dimension to it is certainly bound to be breath-taking! And even if that doesn’t impress you, then you my friend are stuck in a medieval age (no pun intended.)

My first thought on seeing the trailer ranged from being curious to being eager to bask in the visual effects and I am surely watching Pi’s adventure this weekend. Shame about the fact that Delhi doesn’t have an IMAX 3D theatre because that movie-viewing experience is really something else….