The old model of suggestions and advice before any buying decision was to check with your elders and peers and go ahead with the purchase considering the brand reputation and the discounts on offer. Understanding the technological aspect of things was like an exploration activity after the product had reached your place. The only major task was to make a choice amongst the brands available at that time.

Things have progressively changed since then and so has the platforms for gathering information. In a hypothetical scenario, you are looking to buy a new Smartphone. Now, it’s not just the brand or price you will have to look at but also what you expect out of your gadget as a prospective owner. For a noob, it would be the screen size, the apps as well as the battery life. For a corporate guy, the phone’s capability to sync to his business accounts; while an enthusiast will look at the phone’s hardcore technical configuration as well as the scope of modification (HINT: overclocking).

And like it or not, it’s a similar story when it comes to TV’s. Gone are the days when TV’s were being bought on brand reputation and face value, which can be partly attributed to the increased number of display technologies available at this time. From a conventional CRT-powered TV sets, the television has evolved to being made with LCD, LED as well as Plasma technologies. And the fun has just started. Even the latest avatar of LED TV’s get differentiated on the basis of being CCFL-type, full array or edge-lit. The next phase of the dilemma is whether to go for a basic TV or a TV packed with 3D and Smart features. Moreover when it comes to 3D functionality, you have the active vs. passive 3D debate in full swing. In short, the list of considerations keeps on increasing.

This is where internet can be your savior these days. Instead of running from shop to shop for doing physical surveys, you can simply register on a techie forum and clarify all the doubts you have regarding the different products you are looking at. And the good thing about forums is that you get multiple first hand and unbiased opinions; something you cannot expect from sales personnel.  Most of the times you don’t even need to ask the question (or in forum lingo, START A NEW THREAD) as it’s highly likely that you will find threads relevant in solving your queries. Plus, the constant exchange of information makes you well vested when it comes to know-how, basics and thumb rules of the technology you have an interest in.

I scour popular forums like ThinkDigit and HiFiVision and have gained a lot of information from these two. And more recently, I have been browsing through the LG WR Forum started by LG’s World Record Team. A whole host of topics related to their Cinema 3D range as well as other household appliances is available with the LG WR Men playing the part of the librarian. Not only are all these forums a very convenient way of knowing about technology but it works as a unified virtual connection that keeps you up to date with all there is to know about in the technology universe.