Let the sky fall.. when it crumbles, We will stand tall.. face it all together…. At Skyfall

Yesterday’s office hours started with a bang as the senior personnel planned a first day movie trip for the latest installment of the 007 franchise “Skyfall”. With everyone being pumped up and eager to watch the movie in the evening, there was a reinvigorated approach and efficiency towards work. The editorials and research work for the next print being finalized and submitted during the early hours of evening, the whole pack left for PVR Saket.

Now everyone generally has his or her own perceptions to what they expect to see in a James Bond movie. The guys are obviously eager about the gadgets and action sequences in the movie while the girls are more inclined towards the suave charm that super sleuth field agent exudes. Since the time the franchise got an overhaul when British actor Daniel Craig took the reign of the main lead in the legendary series, there has been much hue and cry that the Brit doesn’t exhibit the smooth talking approach that his predecessor Pierce Brosnan depicted in abundance. Add to that the fact that 007 had to make do with the emergence of a seemingly superior espionage series the “Bourne Trilogy” which meant that the transition of James Bond was overseen in the shadows.

I for one had been encouraged by what I saw in “Casino Royale” but it was dampened by a not so good “Quantum of Solace” so I honestly didn’t know what to expect from it. The movie kicked off straight with a fast-paced action sequence after which the rolling credits started. This might seem unusual to a standard cine-goer but I found out it to be a very novel idea and got to listen to the melodious composition sung by Adele. The plot was very generic as it’s about an ex-agent conspiring against the organization who assigns 007 to deal with him. There are no twists and turns and it’s a solid script backed my commendable enactment and direction.

I heard a lot of disapproval in the theater regarding the lack of high-tech gadgets which are generally associated with Bond films. The most high-tech things this Bond had was a Transmitter, the classic silver Aston Martin DB5 injected with guns under the hood and a Sony Xperia T. Even the final sequence was shot in the countryside of Scotland giving this spy caper a very regional and classic feel. While a majority may feel disappointed with the lack of technology in the feature, quite a few solemnly applauded the extra layer of depth which had been rendered to the characterization of the super spy and his allies. And with the fourth installment of the rivaling franchise “The Bourne Legacy” turning out to be a damp squid earlier this year, this solid espionage flick was just what was needed for critics and fans to realize that Bond has indeed been resurrected.