No matter how powerful an evil force is, it’s destined conclusion is annihilation at the hands of Good

Well, this original quote of mine is just about applicable to any situation where the two sides of life; the negative and positive collide. You can relate it to a movie or a real life situation if you want but its most powerful significance can be derived from the moral of the great Indian epic Ramayana. In narration it may be a duel between an incarnation of God and a man of great wisdom who succumbed to evil ways which ultimately resulted in his eventual death for all his wrong doings. But the crux of the whole episode is that Good always prevail over Evil.

As a brief summary, prince Rama of Ayodhya is sent to exile with his wife Sita and his younger brother Laxman accompanying him. During this exile, Ravana’s sister Surpanakha is smitten by Rama’s good looks and despite of fending off her advances, Surpanakha persists which forces Rama to cut her nose. Word of the incident reaches Ravana who casts a spell over Sita and abducts her to his kingdom in Lanka. Distraught Rama with the help of his brother Laxman and the Vanar Sena make a great sea journey to Lanka and after some glorious battles, Rama is finally able to free his loving wife Sita and decimate Ravana.

The end of Navratri is marked with the celebration of Dussehra which roughly translates to removing bad fate from one’s life and society in a contextual sense. Artisans and colony associations by making large mannequins of Lankan lord Ravana, Meghnada and Kumbhakarana complete with embellishments and explosives and erect them in open spaces for the evening (Public safety is always kept in mind during these preparations). After a short intriguing nataka (play), artists dressed as Rama ignite these mannequins which lights up the skies and marks a triumph of India’s celebration of justice. The Indian sweet Jalebi is a customary delicacy which everyone enjoys after the burning of mannequins.

These times are also considered as a very auspicious and lucky period for new ventures, investments and purchases. The consumer electronic market is abuzz as people line up in queues for purchasing TV’s, mobiles and home appliances. Some even believe investment in appreciating assets such as property and gold is a solid thing to consider. I remember having a 29” LG CRT Slim TV before I switched to LM6700 recently. That TV was purchased way back in 2008 after the MRP was dropped from 20K to a much more feasible 12K during festive season along with a complementary pop-up toaster at the time. So whether it’s a TV, fridge or a juicer-blender you are looking at, this is the time to shell out the moolah and enjoy the festive season in full swing!