The beautiful game of football keeps millions around the world going; the viewership it attracts is nearly incomprehensible as compared to any other sport. The energy, passion and atmosphere it generates is heaven like for staunch football fans like myself. Now I support Liverpool FC so I need my staple diet of Premier League football every weekend. The international breaks which happen in between just attract criticism from all the quarters.

But there is a sad side to football which rears its ugly head every now and again but the repeated ignorance on part of the governing bodies means that we fans have become just as oblivious to it like the two biggest football associations namely FIFA and UEFA. I am highlighting the lack of goal line technology which has led to some of the biggest officiating blunders in recent memory. The most prominent one I can remember is Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal in World Cup 2010’s knockout stages. The ball hit the crossbar and landed well inside the goal line but the failure on part of the linesman to get a glimpse of that meant that the crucial strike was ruled out. The England veteran later reiterated that it was a decisive moment and the decision changed the course of the game as the Germans ran out 4-1 winners over the Three Lions.

Now everyone had expected the authorities to learn from it but to no avail. Euro 2012 in Poland-Ukraine was the premises of another wrong decision. In the final group game, Ukraine seemed to score a legitimate goal against England but the profligacy on the official’s part meant it was seen nothing more than a heroic clearance by John Terry. And the sadder part of all this is that this nuisance has also crept in the domestic leagues. The recent heavyweight clash between AC Milan and Juventus in this year’s Italian Serie A game further emphasized the need of goal line technology as Sulley Muntari was left scratching his head as a well taken shot which clearly looked like crossing the line was quickly gathered by GG Buffon.

Even in the backdrop of all this, the maximum that has happened is that Goal Line Technology has now been thoroughly considered and approved. Actual introduction and implementation might have to wait till World Cup 2014 Brazil after which it will be evaluated to introduce in all other forms of the game. The most shameful quotes have been by none other than the Presidents of the top two football bodies Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini. The top man of UEFA still isn’t in favor of this technology. It is this blatant stubbornness which has left football being in stone ages.

I do see the sentiment on their part to place full confidence on officials to get the decisions right more often than not but the bitter truth is that the relentless pace of the game is a step ahead of their decision making ability. Rather than be orthodox, the Goal Line Technology should be tested ASAP and introduced as everyone in the community would prefer to scrutinize on the tactical aspects of the game rather than cribbing about the unnecessary controversies it’s embroiled in at the moment.