Once in a while, every person likes to escape away from hard reality into a make- believe world of visual entertainment – however unrealistic and illusory it is, and even if it is only for a brief period of time. With the evolution of 3D technology, one more avenue has been added to that imaginary world.  The current surge in the number of 3D movies being made, and people shelling great sums of money  to relish them endorses the growing interest of people in the world of 3D entertainment. My experience of 3D viewing in the theatres had been phenomenal – the 3D performance was exciting and thrilling. Is the improvement in theatrical 3D experience due to the incorporation of new technology in the theatres or the evolution in the footage of 3D movies? Whatever the reason, these improvements are making the viewers increasingly addicted towards 3d viewing.

In the old days, the mere mention of 3D conjured up visions of the comical looking red and blue glasses worn in the theaters for watching 3D movies. 3D viewing at home is considerably different and comfortable – and the recent introduction of comfortable, flicker free passive 3D glasses has taken 3D home viewing to a whole new level – and it is certainly more fun!

My first tryst with 3D home viewing happened at a local store, and the 3D TV seemed a good bang for the buck.  A family movie night was something that I valued, and the increased availability of 3D movies on Blu-ray has been a cherished experience for my family. Since the time of owning a 3D TV, my house has become a movie central for our family – and we have shared many a full filled evening watching a movie together in the comfort of our house.

A host of additional feature really makes our LG 3D TV a veritable entertainment hub. For example, the 2D to 3D conversion feature in the 3d TV means that there is no dearth of 3D content that is available for viewing. The Dual Play feature is a treat for the console gamers who are able to watch two different pictures without the hindrance of split screens – giving them an exhilarating gaming experience. Among its Smart features, the LG TV features various apps that make streaming of videos and browsing the net a delightful pleasure. All in all, 3D viewing at home has become an enjoyable experience, with quality time spent with family and friends.

Despite of widespread skepticism about its future, I feel that 3D viewing at home is definitely going to be a big part of home entertainment. With 3D TV viewing becoming more evolved and additional technical improvements being introduced frequently, the beginning of the trend is already there.