For Indian tech enthusiasts and geeks, 3D is mostly an unknown quantity. The trend is not much different over the rest of the world. Yet, we find that 3D literally adds a new dimension to many of the products we use in daily course of life. 3D is emerging as a technology that can provide that most elusive of qualities to any products or brand – differentiation. Apple also seems to have realized it – which stands to reason – since Apple has always been one of the most innovative brands over the last two decades – providing unique solutions to general users. Its range of products – Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV etc is living testaments to this.3D Technology for Apple

Apple is working on a number of innovations that involve extensive use of 3D technology. For example, a new 3D camera is reportedly in works – eventually to be added to i-products. The 3D camera will be equipped with solid graphic capabilities that will capture 3D images that will then be displayed on the screens of various Apple devices. There are also reports of an Apple patent that purports to develop 3D remote – that includes a gyroscopic sensor and a touch interface – that will work with a host of Apple devices. This magic wand sounds quite similar to the Magic Motion Remote of LG 3D TVs – though the final picture will be clear only when the device is finally revealed.

Apple has a tradition of sorts for making apps and devices that use technology in an innovative way to benefit the final user. For example, they already offer eye-tracking 3d technology for iPhone and iPad, and 3d maps in iPhone. Therefore, it only seems fit that Apple will probably establish the 3D TV technology among general users – an endeavor in which most of the other companies have achieved mixed success at the best.

Apple 3D TVApple has already adopted a technology that will allow Apple TV users to enjoy 3D TV viewing without being burdened with cumbersome 3D glasses. Apple TV has recently tied up with Stream TV Networks, a company that develops glass free 3D technology for TV sets. As per reports, Apple TV will use Stream’s Ultra-D technology – which uses a combination of software and hardware to convert 2D images to 3D, and then beam it in HD in a way that is suitable for glass-free 3D viewing. The good news is that the glass free 3D viewing will not be limited to Apple TV only – it can readily be adapted for iPad and iPhones as well.

So, is it time to take the next step in 3D TV evolution, and try glass free 3D viewing? Well, with the considerable endorsement of Apple, the 3D technology may just receive the boost that it needs and deserves. Lets us keep our fingers crossed, and see whether this new technology makes it in time for iphone 6, ipad 4 or other upcoming products.