I think 3D technology in televisions is still evolving and developing beautifully, though a lot of people are skeptical – and wonder whether 3D TVs are just a fad – that will pass out with passing seasons. It is not that 3D technology is something new – it started to catch public imagination right at the start of the 20th century, and its popularity has increased ever since. The 3D technology has been successfully incorporated into the popular medium of television only recently – and its application has rapidly expanded to include other mobile devices too – laptops, Smartphones and handheld gaming consoles.

Vu Couture TV - The Designer 3D TVOne can easily say – 3D TVs are in fashion, and how! Vu Televisions recent became the purveyor or luxury televisions in India – with the launch of a “Vu – Tarun Tahiliani Counture TV”, developed in association with the well known fashion designer. The sumptuous looking 55 inch screen 3D TV is decked in Swarovski crystals – and looks like a great piece of bling for those who like to live life king-size. Not only is this TV good looking, it has got some serious specs to boot – on par with some of the best 3D TV models around. I can see one problem though – anyone seeing this TV will be so busy admiring the crystals in the TV frame – he will simply miss the picture! On a serious note, I think this is a trend of inculcating great luxury in selected products, and will only grow in the future.

The onslaught of 3D in the fashion world is spreading still further. I remember reading an article about a group of designers who are taking the advantage of 3d visualization process not just to speed up their designing process but also take their fashion design into next level. Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss and Gucci are some of the leading designers that have inculcated 3D elements into their designs. While some of their designs look stunning, some look just average – but that is just my outlook! But what I really could appreciate was the willingness of these designers to experiment with 3D, and create new fashion statements that could create great buzz, and excite fashion lovers like me.

I think that design and 3D form a natural union. With the help of 3D, fashion designers could really bring out the details, textures, volumes and shapes of fine crafted garments and other accessories. I am very much sure that soon, more big brands and famous designers – in India and abroad alike – will turn to 3d technology to showcase their creativity and products.