With feature-laden Smartphones available in abundance in the marketplace, it has become exceedingly difficult to make a sane choice as budget constraint gets the better of our choices. Even the most neutral critics will end up giving you multiple choices making the whole process one big dilemma. While many of us love the big screens, applications and multimedia options as well as GUI’s of these devices, I personally admire the connectivity and sharing options these new age Smartphones possess.

One of the options attracting a lot of attention and apprehension is the advent and steady influx of NFC-enabled devices. Working on the same lines as RFID, these devices allow swift data sharing and transfer through a simple tap between two devices. And with the wide range of probable possibilities attached to it, NFC is far superior to a basic Bluetooth connection. You would have seen various TVC’s showcasing the new communication technology and how its extensive application can save time and stress in real world situations. At present, it is majorly being used for media sharing and I do acknowledge that the technology is relatively new and would take some time before it picks up but the scope of its convenience has already been well highlighted in various technology fairs and forums.

Even a simple wishful exploration of NFC will leave you taken aback (in a pleasant way of course !). Consider going to a shopping mart and instead of grabbing a carriage trolley, you can simply tap your NFC-enabled phone on the item tags on a large screen panel and move straight for checkout with all your grocery waiting there. Sounds time saving doesn’t it?! Take another instance; instead of standing in queue for purchasing tickets for travelling I Delhi Metro, you can simply tap your NFC device on a counter tag for ticket purchase as well as recharging your daily communication Smart Card. Wouldn’t that make the whole journey that bit more relaxing and convenient. And before you even think that something like this can only be considered in theory, have a look at what Nokia plan to do about it.

And search engine giants Google definitely seem to be ready to milk the cow as they have developed a virtual money storage application by the name of “Google Wallet”. It allows you to store your debit card, credit card as well as discount voucher information which can be used and redeemed at NFC-enabled payment terminals. But let’s not forget that there is a flip side to every new technology and NFC has its fair few drawbacks. The two major hurdles that NFC face at the present moment is the lack of extensive integration and vulnerability to privacy intrusion. With the number of NFC enabled devices increasing every day, there’s also the risk of all your personal information being compromised in case of theft.

But in spite of all these areas of concerns, there’s no doubt that NFC technology holds an abyss of potential and if the negatives can be worked upon, NFC may single-handedly manage to change and improve the way we live.