Just last evening in a general chat, my nosy neighbor caught hold of me on my way upstairs to boast about his HTC Evo 3D Smartphone that he had recently acquired. He blatantly plagiarized what major manufacturers claim and advocated that this Smartphone of his is the best investment he has made and it’s capable of replacing his laptop, PC, camera as well as TV. His staggering statements reminded me of how Samsung too believes that their Galaxy Tab is a one-stop technology companion which can do much more than all the standard devices.

Now in spite of being a technological enthusiast, I do not believe in half-witted ideology that a single device can compete and surpass the functionality of multiple devices. Simply because an engine is never greater than the sum of its parts; it’s those parts which render and identity to that engine. Nevertheless, I am open enough to understand an approach. A Smartphone or a Tab is a computing device which allows you to make calls, click images and record videos, enjoy media as well as surf the internet. Basically, it’s a full on recreational device (the focus is on recreational here.)

And that is where its limitedness gets highlighted. Apart from making calls which is the most clichéd USP of a mobile device, a Tab or Smartphone only marginally compensates for the features of other devices. Let’s start with a PC first. Your PC is nothing short of your home entertainment hub. You store a massive amount of media on it and with its memory expansion option there is no shortage of storage space. And the professional use of PC’s and laptops is not restricted to just sending mails and maintaining excels. Fields like programming and graphic designing require complex and heavy software for operation. Even the more personal aspect of gaming can only be enjoyed on a full-fledged gaming setup. Needless to say, a Smartphone or Tab does not even come close to be applicable in this regard.



Next comes the TV. Before I even start a comparison, we need to understand that with the advent of digitalization and multiple service providers queuing up; TV entertainment has acquired a whole new definition. And with addition and introduction of new and HD channels, the big screen couch potato experience has just gotten better. A Tab or Smartphone may play channels through an internet application and with the low amount of users, software and firmware updates seem farfetched thus reducing the whole experience.

And last but not the least is the good ol’ camera. Now I have to say that phones have come scarily close to a conventional digital camera and provide the additional portability benefit. And with Nokia bringing models like Pureview 808 in the marketplace, the stance of smart phones is bound to strengthen in the coming times. But unfortunately, there is still a large hurdle to come over as far as extensive use in concerned. Any enthusiast would swear by his DSLR any given day!

Now my emphasis here is not to insinuate hatred towards a Tablet or a Smartphone, but to highlight that they are fine computing devices which at best are “Jack of all trades, Master of None”.