Now before I even start to write on this, this is a spoiler warning that this opinion would not get much into the technicalities of both the platforms but be an unbiased comparison of the two. Quite a few of these days I have thought about getting a gaming console for my LG LM6700 3D TV. And its been the obvious tussle between the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. Obviously I decided to read some reviews for both and that’s when I came face to face with every gamers’ dilemma: Whether to go for a Game Console or get a gaming PC assembled?

We will start with gaming PC’s first. This was the original platform for which all games were designed under the PlayStation showed up. Getting a gaming PC assembled can be a breeze if you have the knowledge of the components you will be using but can become a maze filled with many options if you are a noob. Secondly, you also need to differentiate between which component brand will suit your gaming needs. This will include the right selection of processor, motherboard, Graphics card, monitor and CPU cabinet. Delhi’s Nehru Place is a haven for everything related to PC’s and laptops and as a prospective customer, you have an abundance of options in your hardware purchase process. The most important factor while assembling a gaming PC is the Graphics Card you will use. Here is a forum link from Think Digit giving you the various options as per your budget. The most relevant factors to consider while going for a Graphics card is its GPU series, Shader clock speed, number of stream processors and its memory. One might even be able to find company overclocked cards in the high end range.

Pros: Cheaper game titles, easily upgradable and better for LAN gaming.

Cons: Expensive initial setup cost, compatibility restrictions because of Graphics Card make.

Now let’s come to a Gaming console. A gaming console is basically the next generation successor of the video games using PCB cartridges. It can be directly connected to your TV for HD gaming experience. And unlike previous years one has more choices with Sony PS3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii, even though they cater to distinct gaming needs. And unlike installing games on PC’s, you just need to insert your gaming DVD’s and you are good to go. Plus if you are using your Console with a large TV screen and home theatre, you can experience these games in their full glory. Another thing which is a unique plus about a Console is a sense of calm while purchasing game titles as compatibility issues hardly ever arise.

Pros: Ease of use, compact in nature and no worrying about hardware specs and game compatibility.

Cons: No component upgrades, game titles cost almost twice as that of PC.

At the end of the day, it boils down to what you expect from your gaming system. A working class individual like me would prefer to go for a simple Gaming Console as gaming would just be a leisure activity. But any hardcore gamer would swear by PC gaming as it can easily optimized as per the changing graphics and gaming trends and provides a much more immersive gaming experience.