After last week’s IFA Berlin 2012 visit, I expected a slow and stretched weekend this time round. Keeping that in mind, I had already rented a couple of Blu-ray DVD’s and planned the two idle days on the comfy beanbag of my living room. That is when a phone call saved my weekend. Kavita, a close school pal of mine had been pestering me to come spend some time with her in Hyderabad. It has been a good three years since I last caught up with her so I duly obliged.

Some quick packing and a last minute airline booking saw me arrive at Hyderabad early in the morning the very next day. What surprised me a lot was that Kuku (her pet name) was waiting for me outside the exit doors of the airport (her usual laziness is astonishing..) A quick ride to her place at Panjagutta and we crashed after having paranthas and kadak chai..I did not even realize it was noon until she put her iPod dock on full volume to wake me up. An hour later, we were on our way to Salar Jung Museum to experience the artifacts displaying the heroics of the noble dynasty. I have never been a fan of History, but the peace and calm with which I enjoyed roaming around the hallways of the place was welcome change from the crowded Delhi culture. One more important attraction there were the cafeteria DOSAS; absolute yum. The food fest evening concluded with a dinner at the Paradise hotel, which is very popular for their delicious Biryani. We spent the hours before sleeping with constant chit-chat and that is when she told me about the surprise she had planned for me next day.

Since the time I have purchased my LG 3D TV, I have had this mean streak of educating almost everyone I know about the wonders of this technology. Whether they absorbed it willfully or not is a different matter altogether ; what Kuku had in store for me was an afternoon show for the Amazing Spider Man at Prasad’s Imax 3D theatre. I haven’t been overly enthused of the movie selection as the trailers did not generate much interest in my mind but the Imax experience is something every 3D enthusiast must have so it was a pretty square deal. After reaching the theatre and getting through the customary security checks (absolutely hate them!) we made our way to the assigned audi hall and were handed 3D glasses pretty similar to the ones I use with my TV. And the 3D experience was extravagant and fantabulous rolled into one. I actually hugged Kuku after the movie for taking the initiative.

In the grander scheme of things, this 3D Cinema Theatre employs the same passive 3D technology which is rapidly becoming a consumer and critic favorite when it comes to 3D TV’s. I will leave the final opinion to the reader but as far as I am concerned, vision-friendly 3D is here to stay and conquer!