Another day, another blog. I generally don’t run out of topics to talk about but even by my own heightened standards, it’s a slow day…. Maybe it’s because of the saturated exposure I got during my visit to IFA 2012 OR maybe I haven’t yet recovered from jet lag. Whatever it might be, it’s only slowing my insatiable greed for writing.

So last night, I had just had my dinner and I was on my bean bag in front of my LG LM6700 Cinema 3D TV when I realized the finer functioning of the Magic motion remote control, which makes the Smart TV efficient. It wasn’t a discovery but an inner acknowledgement of how ergonomic and easy to use this Remote has been. Unlike a conventional remote, LG has opted for a bent shape which in turn blends perfectly with our hand’s reflexes. And the best thing about the remote is that it is not clogged with buttons. Just a Power Button, Channel and volume change, Home, Back, 3D and my apps. That’s right, only 8 buttons! Accompanying them is the Magic Wheel which is pretty similar to a Mouse wheel.

Now before anyone comes up with it, I know that the Magic Remote is based on the same motion-based movement system on which controllers of popular consoles like Wii have been designed. And that is the smart part as you don’t have to point your magic motion remote towards a small LED light to operate the TV functions (pretty sure that quite a few of few have faced this problem..). Also, the Magic motion remote variant available in India does not have Voice Recognition like its international counterparts and it might be largely down to the severe MTI’s aka Mother Tongue Influences of Indian people.

The Smart TV feature with Universal Search is a great feature of this magic motion remote control. And having downloaded the Virtual Keyboard app, I can easily type keywords in Google Search for web browsing. For those who feel it’s difficult, you can also connect a Wi-Fi enabled keyboard for this purpose. There are some superb apps on my Smart TV’s Home Dashboard and I can easily navigate through the various menus by simple pointing. The Magic Wheel has the dual function of mouse wheel and OK button. The best thing about this is channel surfing by scrolling the wheel.



The apps Button allows quick interchanging between the Dashboard and TV. I can go on and on, but I believe it’s better seeing things than just hearing it. The guy in the commercial may overdo some bits but a very helpful video to understand the musings of the Magic Motion Remote.