So today is Day 2 of the great German technology adventure of mine. I slept early last night and woke up around 5 AM local time. Upon requesting for breakfast, the voice on the phone said “Weißt du nicht schlafen?!” (Don’t you sleep) to which I replied “None of your business, hol mir das Frühstück ..” (get me the breakfast). A couple of breads loaves with Dusseldorf mustard, dry muesli and lager down my stomach I got ready and took the cab to Messedamm again. Since I had known the hall route, I was back in Hall 11.2 and was greeted by the LG reps who remembered me from yesterday J And soon enough, the stage had been setup and I finally got the first glimpse of the LG OLED Cinema 3D Smart TV!

The 55” wonder’s design has a super slim bezel (literally the thickness of three credit cards stacked together) and the ribbon stand. This OLED TV is again of LG’s Cinema 3D lineage but before you get bored; it’s the display that has left me gasping…. The brightness, the colors and the clarity of this TV is above all. Even for the blackest blacks, it produces low luminescence. The panel is made up of numerous LED’s with a carbon emissive layer making it a self-illuminating screen. And it is the most power efficient till date as well. However, the technology will not come on the cheap so I expect OLED TV’s to take some time before making an imprint on the TV market. However, I do worry that the visuals on that I have seen on the OLED TV have raised my expectations a tad too much!

And if that was not enough, LG followed it up with its unveiling of the 84” Ultra Definition 3D TV. One massive Screen on this beast and with the User Interface of the Smart TV functions looking very impressive, it’s the biggest addition by LG to their under the Cinema 3D range. And even though I thought that LG’s closest competitor of the 4K TV is the Samsung ES9000 75’ Smart TV, I was in for a pleasant surprise as Hall 4.2 was jam packed with Sony for the first time displaying the 84” KD-84X9005 LCD TV which Sony plans to globally phase by this year’s end. Personally speaking, the design is not as impressive as compared to LG or Samsung and it’s an LCD! I will probably spend the remainder of the day looking at other reputed exhibitors namely Toshiba, Panasonic and Philips and return tomorrow to discover the new mobiles being unveiled at this tech fest. But the highlight of my day has surely been what LG believes is the “World’s best OLED TV!”