As a journalist, I am expected to be the overtly flamboyant soul who knows everything along the way and is generalized as an outgoing person who attends every cultural event in the Capital. I hate to break it to you but it’s a myth. I like any other working female is getting used to the sights and sounds of the Big D and dare I say that I have to spend a fortune on travelling by autos here!

 So after a long weekend, I wake on Monday morning lazing around my apartment just to get   ready for office. And I did reach office a little bit twitchy but on time when I got a pleasant surprise. Senior Editor comes up to my desk and greets me and exclaims “You 3D bug, we now have a large 3D TV in the projector room so that you can work in the late hours of night when required!” I didn’t know if I should smile or frown? Just when I had switched on my system, my senior gives a friendly pat on the back and asks “Are you sick, because your body seems to be boiling?” And then I realized that I was having fever. The kind chap told me to take the day off and go home and have some rest. Swishing through the wet Delhi Roads, I had fabulous Gol-Gappas on my way home and after having a Combiflam, tucked myself back in bed. A couple of hours later it was close to 2 PM.

Now it was lunch time and I was starving like anything. I popped open my LG Wonder Door Fridge to find an afternoon snack and thankfully, a bowl full of Hakka Noodles and my Tuborg Lite greeted me. Hey, don’t blame me as we love to do what we are not supposed to. So with the lunch over I finally decided to do something which had been on my to-do list for some time; watching “Gangs of Wasseypur”. After hearing only good things about the movie, I was eager to watch it asap and boy was it worth the wait.

One aspect that caught me by surprise was the merciless shooting, and watching it on my LG LM6700 Smart TV, I thought I might get shot myself if it didn’t stop! Even though it was just a basic PC DVDrip, my awesome TV enabled me to watch it in 3D with its excellent 2D to 3D conversion along with the required 3D Depth Control features.

All in all, an unplanned leave well spent. And after watching the trailer of the 2nd installment, I have to catch Faisal Khan avenge the deaths of his predecessors. The magnum opus is also an eye opener for those who watch run of the mill commercialized movies. And let the words of Ramadhir Singh sum that up for you – “Jab tak India me Cinema banta rahega, logon ka………………………………..” I rest my case with that! So move over Gangs of New York, Wasseypur is here !!!