Since all of you are well aware by now of the cringe-filled nature of mine to always prefer Aamchi Mumbai over India’s very own capital Delhi, my perspective might come across a bit less harsh now. Thought the weather is pretty decent these days but that did not stop me from taking a much needed holiday abroad. My life is already hectic and when I did get some relaxation from my work, I decided to land up at my elder sister’s place at Atlanta, Georgia to blow off some steam from my daily routine. Even my Boss didn’t object one bit on the 15 day leave I had taken so that was a plus.

The cultural amalgamation that has overseen the population in US is praiseworthy to say the very least. The locals are very welcoming and helpful at least when you have come as a tourist to the States! My sis picked me up from the Airport and within a couple of hours, I was at her place. Her apartment gave the all-too-familiar feeling you get while you see those cottage-shaped houses you see in the Hollywood movies. I was eager to meet up with my little nephew as well and boy is the kid American. Not a hint of the fact that he was actually Indian as his accent suggested otherwise.

Anyways, before she could ask anything I decided to flaunt my latest baby and popped out my new LG Optimus 3D Smartphone  to which she gave a sneaky smile. I was bit taken aback as I was expecting the jaw-drop reaction. But I had forgotten that US mobile technology is pretty advanced with all the major brands launching their handsets there. Sure enough, I ended up giving the same jaw-dropping reaction after I laid my hands on her LG Optimus LTE2.. By God are we behind as LTE (or Long Term Evolution) due to the poor show of 3G in India. I am no gadget Guru but trust me, I have used most of the high-end handsets money can buy in India and they all fell pale in comparison to this LG Smartphone with Verizon network. The looks are appealing enough but the 4G network speed is pretty much comparable to that of an office lease line. And I saw this wonderful & humorous clip on the YouTube about it.

I also loved the fact that GPS and other features of the phone were actually fully utilized because of the service provider capabilities. Before I knew, I ended up watching my favorite DDLJ on YouTube without any buffering delays. The day had ended with me draining out her cell phone’s battery and at 5 in the evening, I finally got to meet my sweet Jiju ! Mu sister’s little gadget kept me in awe all along with its navigational capabilities and excellent response time. And with the Jelly Bean update upcoming, her phone is the envy of tech-loving people like me.

After returning to India, I decided to do a little research of my own and my awe didn’t reduce one bit. With the specs provided, this would be the perfect companion to migrate and enjoy media on my LG 42” Cinema 3D TV. With over 5 million handsets already sold worldwide, the fad of this next generation Smartphone will grip India sooner rather than later. And trust me; I will be one of the first ones in the queue!

Alright guys, time to return to monotony of my daily life. Hope you enjoyed my tedious and personal account of this holiday and the revelation of LTE it introduced me to.