My last posting was about my visit to London; while today I want to talk with you regarding my earlier visit to Las Vegas. I was there to attend the CES 2012- where the biggest electronic companies of the world showcase their top of the line products before their actual market launch. Be it Tablets, Televisions, cameras, cell phones or lap tops; you name it and it was there. The products with cutting edge technology that will shape home and personal entertainment for the next few years. So with my delegate pass, I moved around the venue and looked at the various products on display to my hearts’ content. If only they were on sale or I had no limit credit card with me, I would have bought so many of them! But even among all those alluring and fascinating products, the one I that liked most was the OLED TV.

LG’s company Cinema 3D Smart TV (Model 55LM960V) was a crowd puller and went on to win the CES award 2012 and later also the European Display Achievement Award. The World’s thinnest, lightest and biggest OLED TV was the show-stopper; be it the design, looks, thinness or the sheer size of the TV – everything was awesome. The paper slim Bezel or the frame of the TV is just 4mm (0.16 inches) thick; which is like three credit cards stacked together. It gives you the uncanny feeling that the pictures are floating in the air or as if you are looking through a frameless window. No wonder that it has created a world record in its category and is among the most sought after TVs of the world. Taking of world records, LG India has also launched a World Record Campaign that focuses on its WR category products – be it TV, Wonder door Refrigerator that kills 99.99 percent bacteria and likewise. A bunch of really cute animated characters that remind you to Shin Chan and which are called WR man, introduce these products on the LG India Facebook page and reply to user queries. You will be amazed by their posts, trust me.

Coming back to the OLED TV, it has a screen Size of 55 Inches, its native resolution is 1920×1080 and aspect ratio is 16:9. This 3D TV like other TV this in this category by LG, uses passive technology with light weight designer glasses. It comes with standard features like 2D to 3D conversion, video format: 1080p, USB 2.0: 3 ports, Dual Core CPU, Smart Share Plus (MHL, DLNA, Intel Wi Di, 2nd Display) and a Magic Motion Remote that is also a World Record product as in world’s first truly motion control remote.

Other companies competing for the share in the OLED TV category with varying degree of success are Sony and Samsung; but more on them and their products later. As for LG’s OLED TV, the grapevine has it that they will be introduced later this year in India and already there is a buzz in various online forums and knowledgeable circles about its price and performance. I will keep you posted on any updated on this as and when they come. Wishing Eid Mubarak to all my readers and a long holiday weekend; I’ll be back next week with more news for the worlds of gadgets and technology.