Facebook has become the integral part of our daily lives over the past few years. What makes is different from other similar social networking sites is the ease with which the users can use it as an effective tool for interaction with others people. Be it uploading of photos, videos, status and comments; it helps us feel close to our friends and family despite the physical distance. What many people don’t realize is that Facebook has become the vehicle for advancement for many individuals and enterprise. Once such person that readily comes to mind that used new age online mediums to dazzling success is President Barack Obama.

Every celebrity, artist or media personality has set up a page on Facebook; so has ever small, medium and big enterprise. Why? Because it is the most cost effective method of reaching out to the people and making them interested in you and your products. Unlike pamphlets, news paper advertisements or spam e-mails, the photos and other interesting content on the Facebook invokes instant user interest that is shown in the form of user comments that fly thick and fast in the dynamic FB environment. No wonder, that the interactive social networking site has become such a big hit.

A company like Samsung India has more than one and a half million “likes” of its Facebook page, while even a new and upcoming author like Chetan Bhagat has more than 21 Lakh “likes”. That is a huge incentive for both public figures and companies alike to use Facebook for their purposes. Not that the users are complaining, because FB gives us the freedom to “Like” and “dislike” and “subscribe” and “un-subscribe” from any pages or updates. I wish that we could somehow extend that to our ever day life, simply “dislike” people we do not like or make them disappear from our life by a simple “unsubscribe”.

So whether you want to know about latest gizmos, movies, books, contests or follow your favorite star, Facebook has it all. I came across a new campaign the other day from LG India called WR campaign; which is about LG products that hold world record in different categories of electronic appliances. It is being run by WR man characters – a cute bunch of animated characters that come with interesting information about LG products and reply to user answers. Sure, who has the time to call and ask when you can do it on the Facebook itself! Or the information about contests like ICC Awards 2012 with free tickets to SriLanka – does it go via Mumbai, where my parents live by any chance?

The jury however is still out on the role of FB is events like the Arab spring or the way it is being misused by hate groups and criminal gangs for interacting or setting up meetings. While the provocative aspect is undeniable; it simply comes with the territory. For an average user like me it gives me a chance to interact with my friends in real time environment and know what is happening in the world around me. Or at least the aspects and things that interest me.  For now your friend Kitty kitten Nisha babi signing off until next time.